Monday, October 10, 2005

Snow and bunny suicides

It's supposed to snow today in Silverton. It's 25 degrees. Are we crazy? Yup.

Yesterday did some shopping. The bunny suicide book was prominently displayed in one bookstore. If you haven't seen this book, you must just pick it up. It contains all these stupid ways for rabbits to kill themselves. And it's selling like mad. I said to the clerk, "Oh look! The bunny suicide book."

She looks at me with this mournful, serious expression like Wednesday on The Adams Family. "I know. If bunnies kill themselves, what hope is there for the rest of us?"

I think, "OMG, what a head case." But I grin and say, "But think of how tasty rabbit stew is!"

She shoots me this look colder than the snow we'll see today in silverton and snips, "I wouldn't know. I haven't eaten meat in seven years."

I'm thinking, "Yeah lady, I bet you haven't had sex in seven years too." I look at her and say, "In Haiti, we raise rabbits to feed the poor. Of course after, they're still poor but at least they're fed."

She says nothing, quickly wraps my purchase and hands it to me in silence. I leave, telling my husband that some people really need to get a life. Fretting over a silly bunny suicide book that's a best seller?

I love traveling and meeting new people, even ones like her. It's good to get out of the craziness of South Florida and meet crazy people elsewhere. I must say people out here in general are quite nice, friendly and helpful. We met an employee of the Durango Silverton line who spent fifteen minutes talking trains with us. His eyes sparkled as he and my husband chatted about boilers, steam pressure, etc. I just wanted to know if they ran wood or coal burners back in 1882 for a western I'm writing.

So today is snow... and we're going to freeze our buns off. Maybe we'll see wildlife along the train ride. Maybe even rabbits. As long as they don't throw themselves in front of the train, trying to mimic the bunny suicide book...


Mary Stella said...

I hadn't heard of the bunny suicide book before now. Who knew that bunnies suffered from emotional trauma. Bugs always seemed so on top of his game. Thank goodness that the Velveteen rabbit received good counseling, or he might have done the same thing, not realizing how much he was loved. And what about Peter Cottontail?

The Energizer Bunny obviously uses drum therapy to keep going and going and going.

Oh my gosh! The Easter Bunny! You know, depression among senior citizens is a growing problem. What if EB feels his usefulness and appeal are dwindling? Quick. Get him into therapy now!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Hey Mary Stella! Yup the Energizer Bunny. He keeps going and going and going and going...


FerfeLaBat said...

I have heard that there is no nutritional value in bunny meat. No fat. If you try to live on a bunny-only diet you will eventually starve to death.

WTH is WRONG with you bunny baiting a native in Colorado!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, this is a fantastic blog! love the comments too :). For Christmas two years in a row now my husband has gotten me books from the Bunny Suicides collection and I looooove them! theyre freakin hilarious! The same author also does a book called Lies to Tell Small children that would make anyone roll on the floor laughing during a funeral lol. "One in ten fish are afraid of water", "Scatter drawing pins next to an ants' nest then wait till it rains, they'll pick them up and use them as umbrellas", "Sheepare bleached white, the black sheep are allergic to bleach", "The most dangerous thing in the African jungle is the pink Geranium", " Clowns melt at 29oC", and my favorite "Wine makes mummy clever"
I have a bunny of my very own, his name is Jack, and we sit and read the book together.... my mother and her rabbit Nibbles were thoroughly appalled, which is something I also secretly enjoy hahahaha.