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The Mating Seduction (BBW) Big, Beautiful Werewolf

Lexie Walters knows she’s in big trouble. Caught trying to steal her champion horse from the sexy werewolf cowboy who purchased the mare, she’s offered a devil’s bargain. Jackson Palmer will let her ride Diamond in an upcoming barrel race if Lexie spends seven nights in his bed. Desperate to win the rodeo prize money that can save her pack’s ranch, Lexie agrees. But there’s no way she’ll become his mate, no matter how much Jackson ’s touch arouses her.

Ever since Lexie left for college Jackson Palmer has waited to capture the curvy Lupine werewolf’s heart. Now she’s back in his life and he’s determined to claim her. Only Lexie can tame his wild wolf side. If Jackson doesn’t find a mate in two weeks, he’ll get kicked out of the Mitchell pack.

Lexie will do everything to resist Jackson ’s seductive charms. But she doesn’t realize there’s a far more serious threat than losing her virginity to this powerful and determined Lupine. Someone wants to prevent her from racing, only this someone will not stop until she’s off the rodeo circuit for good…

Warning:  This book is intended for adults only.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Excerpt from SEDUCED by Felicity Heaton (Dark & Dangerous)

Seduce, by Felicity Heaton

Sera paced in front of the black stage in the empty theatre. She had arrived a full thirty minutes early for her appointment. An appointment she hadn’t realised she’d had. Callum hadn’t specified a time for her interview. He had just said to come by whenever as the theatre was closed. So she had.
The woman who had shown her into the theatre had been very kind. One of the staff based on her short black dress that revealed far too much leg and bosom. Sera reminded herself that she couldn’t really judge the woman by the clothes she wore. After all, it was her uniform and Sera herself was trying out for a position as some sort of on-stage whore. What on Earth must the woman have thought of her? Perhaps Sera should have asked to interview for a position as one of the staff. Cleaning seemed infinitely more appealing, and possible for her, than being a performer in the shows. Antoine still would have met with her so they could sign her employment contracts. Was it too late to change her mind?
She continued her pacing, her eyes roaming over the deep red velvet curtain that closed off most of the stage, leaving only a strip of painted black boards around three metres deep exposed, and twirled her long blonde hair around her fingers. It was so quiet in the theatre that even her breathing sounded loud in her ears. How much longer did she have to wait?
And why were they interviewing her in the theatre itself?
Elizabeth had said they would take her to one of the meeting rooms or the offices to interview her. That was what she had gone through to get her position at the theatre decades ago. Sera shook her hands at her sides and blew out a sigh, trying to expel her nerves. Maybe the offices weren’t vacant tonight or they wanted to give her a tour before the interview began. That seemed plausible.
One of the sets of double doors at the back opened and a bright beam of light cut down the length of the dimly lit theatre to her. She shielded her sensitive eyes with her hand and squinted so she could make out if someone was there.
Her heart stopped.
The doors closed.
Antoine strode down the aisle, long legs carrying him easily at a brisk pace, as handsome as ever in his silver-grey tailored shirt that emphasised his build and clung just right to his muscles, hinting at how delicious his body would look if he were naked and stirring her imagination into a frenzy. His black tie, crisp black trousers and polished leather shoes perfected his image of a businessman but made him look decadent and alluring at the same time.
Behind him walked the immense male vampire that she knew from the performances. Victor. His normally thick dark hair was gone, shaved to his scalp to reveal thin scar lines in places, giving him a menacing air as he followed Antoine, dressed in a tight black t-shirt and jeans.
Were they just passing through?
Her heart started again at a pace.
Please, God, say they were just passing through.
Antoine shoved his fingers through his deep brown hair, the action screaming of irritation as much as his scent on her senses. He was annoyed about something. Was he angry with Victor for some reason?
Sera moved aside, keeping her back to the stage so they could easily pass her and go about their business. She tried to keep her eyes downcast but they refused to do as she ordered and snuck to Antoine, meeting his icy gaze. The warm lights from the stage lit his face, chasing the shadows away, and she had her first real glimpse of him. He was so handsome regardless of the darkness he emanated and the coldness in his eyes. He looked like an aristocrat, princely with his straight nose, defined jaw and perfect bone structure. Did he resemble his brother, Snow? She couldn’t imagine the devastating effect the two together would have on the female aristocrats at social gatherings.
Her heart did a flip in her chest.
Antoine alone had a devastating effect on her. She could be strong, had taken to life as a vampire with surprising ease according to her sire, and had a flair for luring male prey that she still couldn’t quite believe. She wanted to be that confident, sexy, attractive woman around this man, but whenever she set eyes on him, her heart trembled like a timid thing in her throat, her palms turned clammy, and she wanted to bolt. It was only the deep pounding need he stirred in her, the intense inferno of arousal that flooded her veins like liquid fire whenever she was near him, that kept her feet in place. She wanted this man.
It went beyond natural desire, or at least what she had experienced in the past. No man had ever had such a startling effect on her. It was soul-deep, more than just a carnal longing. It was as though her very happiness depended on her being in this man’s strong arms.
He stopped right in front of her.
“Sera, I presume?” he said and her bones melted at the sound of his deep voice pronouncing her name.
She nodded and held out her hand. He raised a dark eyebrow in her direction and didn’t take it. She lowered it again, feeling like a fool for thinking he would touch her, a turned human, and for the first time since she could remember, her gaze didn’t want anything to do with him. She stared at the red carpet beneath her feet. What in God’s name was she doing here? This was all going to go horribly wrong. She was going to end up getting her heart smashed by this man.
Elizabeth had pounded that one word into her head more than any other. Sera was beautiful, alluring, sexy, smart and funny, and more than that, she was warm and caring. She was a confident woman. She was. Sera clung to her sire’s words about her, trying to believe in them. They ran around her mind and she felt their effect, felt the confidence begin to flow through her.
Sera managed to convince her eyes to shift up. They didn’t make it to his face. They stuck on his tie. Shiny black paisley contrasted against the matt black of the rest of the tie. It was fascinating. Truly. That was the only reason she was looking at it and not resolutely into his eyes as she had planned.
He huffed.
“Well, let’s get on with this. I have other matters that require my attention and the night is not growing any younger.” He sat down in one of the front row seats.
Sera glanced at Victor, and then at Antoine. This change required a whole rethink of her plan. She had expected Callum to be the one interviewing her, not Antoine, and she still wasn’t sure why Victor was present. Was he here because, in the absence of Callum, the elite vampire she had met last night and who Elizabeth had told her dealt with sourcing performers, Antoine needed someone more intimate with performers to help him?
Victor peeled off his tight black t-shirt to reveal the ropes of hard muscle that lined his stomach and the twin slabs of granite that formed his chest.
Sera’s cheeks flushed.
Oh. Lord have mercy. Victor wasn’t here to help with the interview.
This wasn’t an interview at all.
It was an audition.
Her heart thundered. Her limbs shook.
Panic prickled down her spine.
“Is there a problem?” Antoine frowned, his annoyance turning his scent bitter. She knew he could sense all of her feelings and smell her fear, and she tried to get a grip on her emotions, but they bombarded her.
Was there a problem? Was there ever. She hadn’t expected she would have to perform with someone and she definitely hadn’t anticipated that such a performance would take place in front of the man who was her reason for doing this whole crazy thing in the first place.
“I thought it was going to be an interview. My sire said she had an interview with Callum.” Her voice trembled. Good God, could she sound any more weak and feeble? Suck it up or this whole ridiculous affair was going to be over before it even started. Such a powerful man would want nothing to do with a weak female. She pulled in a deep breath and held it but it did nothing to calm her growing panic.
Antoine huffed again. “We might have done things that way eighty years ago, but we do things this way now. So, begin.”
He waved towards the stage. Victor obediently leapt up onto it. Sera remained firmly rooted to the spot on the red carpet between the stage and Antoine where he sat in the middle of the front row, her gaze fixed on his. The coldness in his pale blue eyes was fathomless but mixed in with it and his scent was increasing irritation. If she didn’t do something soon, he was going to toss her out on her backside for wasting his time.
She could do this. She would take it slow and pretend that Victor was Antoine, and come up with a new plan while she was at it. If luck was with her, she could conceive something before things went too far. Just how far was he expecting things to go?
Before she could ask, Victor’s hands were under her arms and she was on the stage. Her knees almost gave out when he released her and she wobbled.
Antoine sighed again and raised the stakes with a pinch of the bridge of his elegant straight nose.
“Not wise to keep the boss waiting,” Victor whispered into her ear, his cool breath tickling her neck, and she shivered.
He pressed the full length of his body against her back and her eyes widened as the hard bulge in the front of his black jeans pushed against her bottom. Heavens. She swallowed. Trembled. This was not happening. Antoine couldn’t possibly expect her to perform with this man. She had seen him on stage, witnessed the sort of debauchery he did with women, and the size of his thing. He would break her.
What alternative was there? Either she performed or she ran like a chicken and lost her chance. Antoine would never look at her again. Hell, she would never be able to look at him again. She had said that she would do whatever it took to make him belong to her and she couldn’t back down now that another challenge had presented itself.
She had come here to seduce Antoine.

Seduce him she would.
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BBW (Big Beautiful Werewolf!) excerpt

Excerpt from The Mating Hunt by Bonnie Vanak in DARK AND DANGEROUS

Someone was having sex in the bathroom of Spuds Saloon.

Arianna Sanders wriggled her Spanx-clad bottom on the hard wood seat. The musky scent drifted down the hallway, tickling her nostrils. Low groans and high squeals throbbed against her eardrums.

Bad enough to be a 19-year-old unmated Lupine werewolf ripe for breeding, but to hunger for sex was pure hell.

Pure hell when you were terrified of the very thing your body craved.

Pure hell when you emitted a cloud of pheromones so powerful, you attracted everything from male werewolves to Ogres.

“Blame your big butt,” Darius had told her. “From the back, you look like a female Ogre. Hubba hubba.”

The pack beta ended up sporting a black eye for that remark.

Sitting at a table against the brick wall, Arianna flexed her sore knuckles. Yeah, she had a fat ass. But she also had the best nose in the pack, other than Kyle, her guardian and partner in hunting. And if she and Kyle were to get a bead on three missing Lupine young, they needed information. Spuds was the place where cowboys traded gossip in Hancock, Montana.

Booted heels hooked over the barstool rungs; men lined up at the bar like cattle at a watering trough. Her nostrils flared at the stench of spilt beer and heavy cologne. A wailing country western song pounded against her temples. Damn, she hated bars, but vowed to find out what she could. The three little ones had vanished two weeks ago while hiking with their parents near Mitchell Mountain. The frantic parents contacted Amber Alert, pretending the young were Skins, the Lupine term for humans.

Her sensitive hearing picked up a few stray conversations. “Missing kids.” “Searched forest.” Arianna studied the crowd, looking for signs of nervousness as Kyle had taught her. Rugged bikers sitting at a corner table scowled at the crowd, but she scented nothing unusual.

Except at the bar. There.

Two men in sheepskin jackets studied their beer mugs as sweat oozed from their pores. Their hearts began to pound harder as talk centered on the missing young.

They knew something.

As she headed for the jukebox to eavesdrop, a woman screamed from the back room. “Oh God, oh God!”

Several cowboys snickered. “Damn, thought this was a bar, not a church,” one shouted out.

An embarrassed flush suffused Arianna’s body. She needed to get info and get the hell out.

Her boot heels clicked on the scuffed wood floor as she crossed the room. As she reached the jukebox, her targets pulled money from their wallets and tossed a handful of dollar bills on the bar. She strained to see their faces, but they turned and headed for the exit. Arianna followed.

A drunk staggered into her and grabbed her arm. “C’mere, honey, you smell good. That little lady back there ain’t gonna be the only one getting lucky tonight.”

Practically drooling, the Skin looked more woozy than threatening. 
Dryness coated her throat. She’d thought Skins couldn’t scent her approaching heat.

Guess not. Arianna pulled away and shook her head.

His mouth flattened. “With that fat ass, you’re lucky I’m interested. Should be honored, bitch.”

The insult stung. “With that ugly face, you’d be lucky to find a willing sheep.”

The drunk’s gaze darkened and narrowed. He grabbed her breast. “At least you have some tits.”

“Stop it,” she cried out, immediately snared in a dark memory.

Dark memories surged: greedy hands groping her nubile breasts. Not again. Never again.

Claws emerged from her fingertips as she danced out of reach. Suddenly the familiar scent of sharp, crushed pine and crisp, fallen snow flooded her senses. Then a quiet, deep voice spoke. “Leave the little lady alone. Or else.”

Relief filled her. Kyle.

Drunk guy sneered as Kyle slid out of the hallway shadows, zipping up his jeans. Arianna stiffened. Her guardian had caused the woman’s ecstatic screams.

Wide shouldered and leanly muscled, he stood well over six feet. In a plaid shirt, tight jeans and scuffed boots, he looked like just another tall, muscular cowboy, except for the distinctive Z slashing his left cheek. Despite the scar, females found Kyle irresistible. His beast emerged during the full moon, a savage sexuality resulting from his mixed blood.

Dark brown hair peeked beneath the brim of his black Stetson, hiding his mesmerizing green eyes. They could grow sharp with impatience one minute, hot with passion the next.

Or glacial, as they did now, as he tipped back his hat.

“Or else what?” The words barely fled the drunk’s mouth before Kyle’s fist smashed into it. The man staggered backward, vermilion trickling from his split lip. “That all you got?” the drunk sneered, and swung at Kyle.

Great. She groaned as the duo began to fight. Other patrons crowded around, cheering them on. Time to leave, before all the surging testosterone went turbo.

Arianna headed for the door as Kyle made dog food of the drunk, her attacker, but found it barricaded by five bulky cowboys with rapid pulses and lust-darkened gazes.

“Hey, darling,” one drawled. “You smell soooo good. Why don’t you come here and show us a good time?”

Her breathing ragged, Arianna fought panic. Breath fled out of her bellowing lungs. As they stalked toward her, a low growl ripped from her throat. Oh please, not now, I can control this. Stay in Skin. I can defend myself.

This wasn’t the other time. Not chained and helpless, a scared 12-year-old facing the bad man who wanted to hurt her.

Breathing heavily as they circled, she reached for the switchblade in her back pocket. One rubbed the increasing bulge in his crotch and stalked forward. And then someone seized her from behind, forcing her to drop the knife, pinning her arms.

Logic fled, replaced by a surge of terror, triggering Lupine instinct. 

With a low snarl, she flung off her attacker, sending him crashing into a nearby table. Fur rippled along her arms. Her bones popped and snapped. Go for the target.

The wolf loped toward the man’s groin as screams broke out...

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Dark & Dangerous, only 99 cents!

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