Saturday, January 20, 2018

New rescue!

We have a new rescue pup. Her name was Rose Claire, but we renamed her Bella because she deserved a name that means "beautiful." She is 3 years old, according to our vet. A Shih Tzu, and she was living at a trailer in Miami with a dog hoarder. Infested with fleas and had to be shaved before she arrived at the rescue shelter. They had her for a month.

She is spayed, housebroken (big YAY!) and knows some basic commands. She is also full of energy. Holly tolerates her ok. She will snap at her if Bella gets too wired and too close.

We got Bella because Holly seemed lonely after Cookie died. She's adapting great, and loves attention. She just wants to be loved. And fed. She has allergies but she is on fish food and I have natural spray to calm her hot spots. She's a love!