Monday, October 24, 2005

7:44 a.m. tree branches falling on roof, winds whipping

And it's only supposed to get worse, according to Brian Norcross.

I took a shower by candlelight. Figured I might as well be clean if the house falls apart around me, lol. Went into the living room, looked out on the patio and the winds are whipping so hard that the air seems to be compressing. Then went into the kitchen and WHUMP!

big tree branch falls on the roof. I can see it blocking the kitchen window. Oh dear.

I'm not scared. Nope. Not me. LOL!

I wish I had coaxed FIL to come here to stay... just to keep an eye on him. DH just called. He sounded worried. he said he tried calling his dad, but phone kept ringing. I assured him he is okay.

I hope.

The worst weather is supposed to be here in about an hour. Wonderful. The barometer is now 29.3, lowest I've ever seen it.

The irony is we are supposed to get 56 degrees tomorrow night. Hurricane, followed by winter.

Just listening to Brian Norcross on the radio... some poor lady in Davie called in, scared and hiding beneath her "formal dining room table." She lives in a mobile home and didn't evacuate. He told her to stay there.

Oh crap. I just heard another tree branch. Damn!

I think it's time to start drinking now. Like Jimmy Buffett said, it's five oclock somewhere.

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