Friday, October 28, 2005

I have power!

Thank you God! And the tree guys came to cut down the tree from the house. Oh, my poor house, everything is a mess... can't write about it now,here's some photos. I have insomnia, again.

this is teh back yard, the tree that fell on the house is to the right, the tree that fell on the hot tub and yard to the left.

This is what's left of my Florida room, the room that had a big leak after Hurricane Frances that we fixed. It's really leaking now, lol. You can kinda squeeze through the back door. My poor dogs are so confused. we have no yard now for them. No fence, either. I still can't get through to my insurance company. I think they took their phone off the hook.

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JoyA said...

Ohmigosh, Bonnie! I'm so sorry Wilma had her way with you!! You poor dear. Yes, I can see why you might fantasize about roofers. -- your college chum