Thursday, October 26, 2017

Books and more books

Finished writing another alpha werewolf book that will be released Nov. 19. It features Adrian, who makes his appearance in my new release, The Mating Frenzy. Adrian is a fierce alpha who wants Darcy and will stop at nothing to have her. 

(Snowbound introduces Adrian, a powerful alpha werewolf who is ruthless in claiming what he wants, and he wants Darcy. Their adventures take them from sunny Florida to frozen Colorado to the Mitchell pack in Montana. If you loved Aiden and Nia's story from The Mating Challenge, you'll want to read this book. Aiden and Nia have their baby!)

Ten years ago on a snowy night, alpha werewolf Adrian Williams was left stranded on a frozen mountain and knew he would die. Until he was rescued by a mysterious, lovely woman came along who shifted into a wolf and fed him her body heat. She gave him new life, and new hope, and led him to a ragged pack of Lupines needing a leader. At that moment, Adrian knew he would survive and form his own pack. He vowed she would become his mate. Nothing would stop him.

Darcy Chambers is no ordinary woman. She’s a powerful Changeling Shifter, who can shapeshift into any animal form. Drawn to Adrian that snowy night, she has resisted the potent sexual chemistry bringing them together. Caught “borrowing” a rare gem from him without permission, she is forced to spend two weeks with Adrian. He desires her as his mate, but also needs her powers to help him retrieve an important crystal that could save a pack member’s life. The crystal is hidden in an abandoned silver mine where dark magick still lingers. But what awaits them in frozen Colorado is not only deadly, it could also expose the dark secret Darcy hides, the secret that could turn this powerful alpha wolf against her…

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

This is pretty painful to admit...

I've come to a hard decision after looking at my sales numbers for my paranormal indie books, and my life as an author. It breaks my heart, but I have to admit to the truth.