Friday, June 27, 2014

New release! The Mating Intent.

A Shadow Elf tainted with dark magick must purge it in a sacred spring in the Florida Everglades, but the price for admission is participating in an orgy with the sexy panther shifter who took her virginity years ago. 

Twenty-five years ago, Gabriel Sanders took Sienna Bennett’s virginity in a night filled with fiery passion. For breaking her vow of celibacy, Sienna was severely punished by the Fae king. If she surrenders to Gabriel’s sensual allure this time, Sienna faces banishment from her people forever. 

Gabriel burns for Sienna and has never forgotten the taste of her mouth, nor the exquisite pleasure they shared in his bed. Only Sienna can satisfy his intense need to mate. He desperately needs her dark Elven magick to fight a deadly curse that is killing shifters and destroying his territory. Gabriel must convince the pretty Elf to sexually bond with him to defeat the dark enchantment before it destroys the Everglades for good. 
(Warning: This book contains strong sexual content and is not intended for readers under 18.) 

(copyright 2014 by Bonnie Vanak)

“Hello Sienna.”

That deep, smoky voice stroked over her like the touch of his calloused hands upon her bare flesh. Sienna’s toes curled in her hiking boots as she remembered him whispering into her ear, his warm breath upon her neck as he surged deep inside her, creating such exquisite pleasure she’d screamed…

Not. Going. There.

“Gabriel.” Sienna jammed her hands into her pockets to keep from touching him. “I need a place to stay for a few days and use of the spring of Danu.”

He remained silent.

Gabriel was a big guy, solid and muscled, with a quiet demeanor. You could make the mistake of underestimating him because he seldom talked much upon first meeting someone. Then you realized he was studying you, as a cat studies a mouse he may or may not devour. His silence masked a predatory assessment, determining if you were a threat, or a tasty treat.

After spending three days of carnal delights in his bed, Sienna knew she’d already been labeled the latter.

Finally, he smiled. “Same old Sienna. Always very direct in your needs.”

A flush heated her face as she remembered the last time she’d stated a particular need to him, begging for him to touch her in one place…

“No point in wasting words. You never do.”

“Right.” He tilted his head, watching her. “I do have a place where you can stay. And I will allow you to see the spring.”

It was too easy. She tensed, watching the glint in his eyes. Sienna thought fast. “Maybe before I unpack, we should go over your admission price.”

His gaze darkened and his muscled body took on a sudden intensity. She’d seen this focused concentration before, right before he’d slid deep inside her…

“No. Oh no. Hell no.”

“I didn’t tell you yet.”

“No need. I can see it here.” Sienna pointed two fingers at her eyes. “I am not spending the night with you.”

“Pixie, do you take me for someone that clich├ęd?” He spread out his hands, a wounded look on his face. “I thought you knew me better.”

“I do, which is why I said it.”

Gabriel sighed. “My beautiful, stubborn Elf. I would never ask you to spend the night as the price of cleansing yourself in the sacred spring.”

Sienna relaxed a little “What then? Jewels? Money? I can take out a loan.”

He ignored that. “One night in my bed would never suffice.”

Uh oh. “Gabriel…”

Her pulse skittered a crazy beat as he began to circle her, the panther sizing up his intended prey. “I want you naked in my arms when we celebrate the Blood Moon Festival with my clan. You and I making love beneath the open sky, our cries of pleasure honoring the goddess.”

He stepped close enough for her to see the gold flecking his jade eyes. “Making love until we’re both panting and sweaty and trembling, and then doing it again. And again. And again...”

Sienna’s heart skidded to a halt. She pressed back against the cooler, wanting to tamp down the heat his smoldering gaze created, a heat that curled through her body like smoke.

“I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Gabriel leaned close, caging her between his muscled arms. “You did the last time.”

“Don’t do this to me, Gabriel. I’ll give you anything…”

“Anything?” His gaze glittered with male intent.

“Anything that requires a charge card and purchases. Anything that doesn’t require me to get naked.”

“We could be inventive and leave your clothes on.”

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Works in progress, Aiden's book, The Mating Challenge

Summer's here and I'm slammed at the day job, but wanted to give an update on releases. By the end of June I will release The Mating Intent, Book 4.5 in the Werewolves of Montana series. I'm also working on Aiden's book, The Mating Challenge. Below is an excerpt. I'll post links to Mating Intent when the book is published.

copyright 2014 by Bonnie Vanak

Aiden folded his arms. “No female in your pack is going alone anywhere. It’s too dangerous. Now, level with me and explain exactly why gnomes are on your land.”
“Maybe they escaped someone’s garden, decided to become cowboys. This is a ranch.”
“Don’t toy with me,” he said softly. “These gnomes have pointed teeth, red eyes and they’ll gnaw your kneecaps until you fall, begging and screaming for death as they eat you alive. What is drawing them here?”
            She looked away.
            Two fingers on her chin forced her gaze back to meet his. “Nikita, what are you hiding?”
            Blink. Blink. He’ll know you’re lying. So evade and dodge. “If something’s hidden here, how would I know? It’s a large spread. Do you expect me to count every single blade of grass? I’m not as anal retentive as you are, Mitchell.”
            A deep chuckle. “Minx. You’re good at clever responses. Makes me wonder what other talents your tongue possesses.”
            She stuck it out at him.
            “Don’t stick your tongue out unless you’re going to use it,” he said softly, and then he lowered his head, and covered her mouth with his.
            She clung to his broad shoulders as he tasted her, his scent of pine and male wrapping around her. A lick of scent pushed straight between her legs in a long, slow caress. She moaned beneath the tender assault on her mouth. Aiden kissed exactly like her dream, claiming and stroking, with little, gentle nips along her lower lip, his tongue plunging and withdrawing. She forgot how to breathe, how to think, and lost herself in mindless oblivion.
            When he drew back, desire darkened his gaze. She put hands to her burning cheeks. “Of all the damn males in the whole west, why did you have to cross my path, Mitchell?”
            He thumbed her kiss-swollen mouth. “I warned you five years ago, sweetheart, I would hunt you down and have you, no matter what it took. I vowed I would win you as my mate. And what I win, I keep and no one ever takes it from me.”