Tuesday, October 27, 2015

From werewolves and wizards to Navy Seals!

I'm changing gears...slightly. And the shift is fun! Right now I am fully immersed in writing my June 2016 Harlequin Romantic Suspense book, Navy Seal Seduction. 

This is a big departure for me, as it's my first romantic suspense book. I am so happy I am trying out a new genre. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but not that big a departure since I usually have suspense in my PNR books.

Writing straight romantic suspense is a bit of a challenge, as I'm tempted to toss in a werewolf or a Mage like I did with my Harlequin Nocturne series featuring a team of Navy Seals who were paranormals (Demon Wolf). 

I love how this book is turning out. Jarrett is a very alpha Seal who is in a volatile country, trying to get his ex-wife to go home to the US, where she will be safe. But Lacey isn't budging and for a very good reason. 

And Navy Seal Seduction is already up for pre-order on Amazon.

You can check it out here. 

I'm not stopping with the PNR. I'll have more werewolves and wizards (Tristan's book, among them) and next month I"m hoping to release a short story/novella called Lovestruck. Lovestruck is about two dragons and Xavier, and you'll get a good insight of the wizards of the Werewolves of Montana. 

That's it for now. Happy reading!