Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Aftershocks, romance writing and the Hughie

Back from Haiti again. Trying to find a sense of normalcy. It was a very productive and tiring trip. We had to change hotels as we didn't feel safe in the first hotel and they had no water one morning. When the water pump finally worked, the water was ice cold. I discovered the trick to washing your hair in ice cold water and it involves something like a yoga pose.

This mom and her daughter we met at a tent city in Port-au-Prince. My friend Ginny's pre-school class had collected stickers for Haiti and she sent them to me.

I passed them out to kids I met. Some of the kids plastered them all over their faces, and laughed. It was good to see the kids being normal, playing, flying kites, making toys out of stuff that most of us throw away. I saw a milk bottle with bottle caps on it that a child put a string on and was pulling like a toy truck.

Many of the tent cities in Port-au-Prince now have tarps, like these. They also have sanitation, which was wonderful to see. But in the country, in areas hit hard like Leogane, there are many more tent cities that still have only bedsheets. No.
protection from the rain.

The rainy season is here, and I fear for what will happen in Haiti.

Anyway, I'm home and it's good to be home. I'm trying to adjust and rest, but not possible yet. I'm waiting for next week when I start a vacation, and I'll get to stay home. I plan a full day of doing nothing but watching stupid TV on the sofa with the dogs.

I'm also planning to write the book due in May. I need to write again. It's been two months since I wrote and I'm off kilter, though I did write a little in the airport in PAP while waiting for our flight.

That is, until we felt the aftershock. My co-worker and I were sitting on the bench and felt this small shake. It was very odd. It was the same morning the 4.7 aftershock woke me up out of a dead sleep. I felt the bed moving from side to side and wasn't sure if I was dreaming of an earthquake or it WAS an earthquake.

It was very disconcerting, as I thought I was losing my damn mind. Was quite relieved to find out it was an aftershock.

In other news, I got a very nice surprise ... the ladies at RBL Romantica nominated The Lady and the Libertine for a Hughie! I am very honored by the nomination. This book is one of my favorites and it was nice to find out others thought highly of it. Thank you everyone!

So next week it's back to the world of romance writing. I need to shift gears, but ever since Jan. 12 my gearshift has been rusty and not quite so easy to make the transition. I guess I just need a mental tune up.