Thursday, March 31, 2016

New cover!

This is the cover for The Mating Destiny, which is now Book 7 in my Werewolves of Montana series. 

I decided to swap up the order of books in that series because this is a dragon book, and Alex and Emma play an important role in the series. Book 8 will be Xavier's book, The Mating Game. 

The Mating Destiny has been edited and is now in production. I am focusing on edits for The Mating Season, Tristan's book, which I hope to release in April. 

Happy reading! 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Florida heat!

Our boxed set is out next month and USA Today has a feature on it! Joyce Lamb asked us to name our favorite Florida tv show or movie. Mine was not quite about Florida, but rather, filmed near my home in Florida. It has to do with the Hollywood sign, a Tom Cruise movie and how Hollywood came to our local trash dump.

Check it out by clicking here. 

SIZZLING FLORIDA HEAT, sexy stories from the Sunshine State, will be out April 12. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dragon breath!

I'm busy with a new dragon novella, one that comes on the heels of The Mating Season. The Mating Season, Tristan's book, is with an editor now. I always have my books professionally edited so they can be the best book possible.

The dragon novella is called The Mating Destiny and I'm making this Book 7 in my Werewolves of Montana series. Why, when it's not a full book? Because vendors like Amazon won't let you number a series in half numbers. I can't call it Book 6.5 on Amazon. And I know how important reading order is to readers and since Alex, the hero, makes his appearance first in The Mating Season, I want readers to know his story is right after that.

If you are interested in my dragon books, here is the reading order:

Tempation: Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini (Sebastian and Skyler)
Lovestruck: (Michael and Anna)
The Mating Destiny: Werewolves of Montana Book 7

Until later!

Friday, March 04, 2016

Get 17 free books!

Harlequin is kicking off a campaign called Romance When You Need It! You can sign up for Harlequin News and Get 17 FREE books, including romantic suspense.

My first romantic suspense book from Harlequin is out this July. Navy Seal Seduction is the first in a trilogy about Navy SEALS and the women who love them.