Friday, March 10, 2017

He can't remember who he is...

Monday, March 13 is the release of The Mating Game, Book 8 in my Werewolves of Montana romance series. In the book, Xavier, the Crystal Wizard, is stripped of his memories by the goddess Danu as punishment for giving his powers to Tristan, the Silver Wizard. His memories are most precious to Xavier. And yet he still has his powers, which makes for some very interesting problems! 

I can't imagine losing your memories - all of them - let alone when you're a 700+-year-old wizard who is both immortal and powerful. Read on for an excerpt of Xavier's book. 

The Mating Game excerpt copyright 2017 Bonnie Vanak

His eyes had darkened to storm clouds. Ciara heard sounds of disapproval and glanced around, dismayed at the staring faces. “Everyone can see us. I wish we had some privacy. Someplace natural and fresh.”
Xavier waved a hand and suddenly the pool vanished. They were emerged in a crystal-clear stream, the water up to his waist. A waterfall spilled over the side of a mountain.
“Now, we are finally alone.”
Ciara looked around, her eyes wide. “The water feels wonderful. Is this your magick? What if someone at the pool saw us vanish?”
“One of the benefits of being the Crystal Wizard. I simply created the illusion we left the pool to lie in the sun.” Then his expression turned troubled. “I shouldn’t do this. You’re my charge, and the Brehon never get involved with their charges.”
A sheepish smile touched his face. “Well, some of us have done so, but I have never had sex with one of my charges.”
“Then it will be your first time too. Xavier, I don’t want some uncaring stranger who sees only my body and what pleasure I can give him. I want someone who knows my heart.”
He looked startled. Then he placed his warm palm on her chest. A thrill raced through her at his gentle touch.
“How do I know your heart?” he asked softly.
Ciara wasn’t certain. Maybe she’d sound like a fool, but it must be said in this important moment.
“I’ve had these dreams about you lately. Powerful dreams. They fade to mist when I wake, but I remember saying one thing: ‘I give you my heart so we will always be together, even unto death.’”
He stared into her eyes, his gaze growing soft. “Those words are so familiar and dear to me, but I cannot remember why.”
“You know me, Xavier. You are no stranger to me. I know you feel it as well. I want no other for my first lover.”
Xavier’s mouth parted slightly as he stared at her lips.

“Please,” she whispered. 

The Mating Game is available for purchase through Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Google and Kobo.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

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