Saturday, October 29, 2005

Oh, rats

They're in the attic.

Must have come inside right after teh hurricane ripped a hole in the roof when the temps dropped down to 56 degrees that night. And now they are sealed inside because DH fixed the hole with plywood. I saw one this morning when I was online, as I had insomnia. It marched across the train tracks back into the attic. See, the train running in our house goes through the attic. So now the rats are using the tracks as an express lane to get into the house.

DH put traps up there. Before Wilma, I would have freaked out with rats running into my house. Now it's just another thing to deal with and move on.

GOOD news... I have fresh meat! Publix was open in Boca, my friend and I went there a couple of hours ago. I grabbed what I could, pork hamburger meat, you name it. Fresh milk! woo hoo! It was a zoo. No real frozen items but pizza. They are the only store open with full power able to stock perishables. And they are the only place open with a working ATM. On the way back we drove down Federal. OMG, there are 4 high voltage power lines lying in the highway! Federal is down to one lane only...and the marina is totally destroyed.

Tonight my friend is grilling out and we're doing a party, with a bonfire with some of my dead tree. I think we need some sort of normalcy. Another friend called and she's clinging to sanity with both hands, as the generator her brother brought down is broken. She still has no power. I can't believe how lucky we are to have power.

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FerfeLaBat said...

Yep. Hurricane parties are a blast. Cookouts. Tiki torches. Very romantic if you have a guy who knows how to use a chainsaw.