Monday, May 22, 2006

RT scenery

Home again. RT was a blast. So was the booksigning. Bought one of Mary Janice Davidson's 30 books. I helped her sell out, (insert big laugh here). Just hope the fans who were clamoring for autographed books will not hunt and stalk me. I had nice scenery behind me to admire during down moments. Including Bill Freda. So glad to see DH again and the dogs. Tia is still doing well. Yay.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Things NOT to do at RT, part one

Never yak at a party blithely with friends and toss around terms like "a hero with 18 penises" without first turning around to check that there's not a sound mike and a video camera recording a documentary right behind you.


Workshops today. RT is the usual fun. But I miss my husband and dogs. In that order.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Revisions, RT & Carpathian cabana boys

7:30 a.m. Temperature outside is a delightful 65 degrees. I'm salivating to go outside and indulge in a good book. I'm hooked lately on Christine Feehan's Carpathians, which is a good escape. Now if only I could find a nice Carpathian cabana boy to serve me a Mai Tai while I'm lying on the beach in Daytona... oh wait. They can't stand sunshine. Oh well.

But I'm sitting here at the computer printing out the last of my revisions. Meant to get them into the mail yesterday, didn't. Then I have 18,000 loads of laundry to do. And stuff to sort out for RT. And DH and I want to do something FUN today. Maybe parrot jungle.

I'm trying not to get excited about going to RT just in case Tia takes a turn for the worst and I have to cancel. What a roller coaster this is... but I'm grateful she's doing okay. The pet sitter came over last night after we got back from bowling with my co-workers and I could tell she's a real animal lover. She's even coming over
Monday to watch me feed Tia to gauge how she eats. I feel more comfortable leaving, knowing Connie will be coming over once a day to feed her, give her the meds and let both dogs out. Plus I'm four hours away, and if Tia does go downhill, I'll just leave.

But I am looking forward to RT... going to buy a BIG beach towel today, the kind that will wrap 10 mummies. I want to lay out on Daytona's beach and get run over by an SUV. It's my life's goal, to have big tire tracks on my stomach. ;-) I'm also looking forward to seeing everyone again. And I have a new video camera I plan to use to shoot glimpses of cover models. I am bringing my laptop and will blog from RT if I do go, as time permits. I have a new laptop that I can upload photos directly from the camera.

In the meantime, back to these revisions, while I'm dreaming of Carpathians while lying on the beach in Daytona with a Mai Tai in hand. Waiting for a Carpathian who can stand the sun so a big strapping one clad in a G string can bring me endless Mai Tais and show a glimpse of fang now and then.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Please. Boca Raton parents complaining about the teacher whose bikini-clad body is featured on a web site? Some advice.

Get A Life.

West Boca High teacher Erica Chevillar became the source of controversy when at least one parent (probably more, because when one starts flapping the gums, others chime in) complained about her modeling on a web site. What kind of photos? Erica in a bikini. Erica in lingerie.

I saw this on the news this morning while watching the radar for the rain we just got (Thank you God!) The kids think it's cool. The TV station interviewed some parents who thought Ms. Chevaillar was wrong in posing in a bikini. Gasp! What kind of image are we presenting to our children? Gasp! Why, gasp!!! They shouldn't see such things!! It will ruin their moral fiber, burn their retinas out!! Gasp~! Teachers have an image to uphold!

hello? She's not wearing the bikini in class. (Which isn't a bad idea, because trying to get the attention of lots of kids these days is very hard) She did it while in college to earn money. And I've got news for you parents who are complaining about it while driving your beamers and Hummers and Mercedes and giving your spoiled kids tons of money to be mall rats and living in million dollar homes where Ms. Chevalliar can't even afford the taxes... teachers make squat. Diddly. They don't get paid a fair wage. They work their butts off, trying to teach your kids, even discipline them because you fall down on the job, and work long past the bell letting school out. They don't do it for the money HA! They do it because most are dedicated, love kids and their jobs.

and many, like one of my friends, are burning out. Fast. My one teacher friend who teaches at a charter school in an upscale suburb, told me, "Bonnie, all these kids want to know these days is how to make money. That's it."

She's ready to quit. She's tired and frustrated. And I don't blame her.

In the meantime, Ms. Chevalliar won't be disciplined for wearing a bikini on a web site. The school district is dropping the matter. Forget the fact you can go to any beach down here and see men with big bellies wearing Speedos, and trust me, that sight is a hellava lot more disturbing. But she says she's going into real estate and quitting teaching. Kudos to her. I hope that teaches these flapping gum parents a lesson. And watch out. Even though the market down here is soft, there's still lots of money to be made. Maybe she'll be the one driving the Mercedes, Mrs. GASP! West Boca parent who thinks a teacher shouldn't wear bikinis on a web site.

I just hope she drives right by your door. While wearing her bikini.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Welcome to Florida, before it burns down

Okay. So Tia is doing okay, and I'm going to RT. Unless things change drastically. Now I find out I-95, the interstate I have to drive UP to Daytona, is closed in sections "indefinitely." Because of the wildfires. Our state is burning down. We're so dry wildfires are out of control. No rain.


yesterday a woman in my neck of the woods got eaten by an alligator. Welcome to Florida. If we don't all burn to Tator Tots, then we get eaten by alligators. But at least hurricane season isn't here. Yet.

In the meantime, back to revisions. I got loverly three-chapter excerpts to THE PANTHER & THE PYRAMID printed up to give away at RT. If I can get there. If Daytona Beach doesn't go up in smoke by Tuesday. I know my book is hot, hey, even scorching, but...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Came home for lunch, Tia wasn't moving. Not even when I greeted her. I panicked, then petted her. She woke up. She's very groggy. I'm living on the edge these days, not knowing from one day to the next what will happen...

When will I come home from lunch and find my dog dead, or so sick I know it's time to put her down?

I have to be Scarlett. I can't think about that today. I'll think about that tomorrow.

Thinking about edits in my life. Day job editor is wondering if I'm using the right Bible quote. EC editor worries my heroine isn't lubricated enough for the ten men she'll take on. And the Leisure editor is concerned that I'm asking too much money for a BJ in my upcoming September book. Ooops. Let me phrase that differently. Leisure editor is worried the CHARACTER in my book is asking for too much money.

Leisure editor is right. Character IS asking too much money. EC editor is right. My heroine needs to be well lubricated. Oops. Bring in a gallon of KY. Day job editor is right. The other Bible quote is much more appropriate.

I need a vacation from edits and writing... maybe a sojourn in a nice, dark cave, away from Bibles, orgies and BJ's...

Monday, May 08, 2006


I'm almost afraid to hope, but right now I'm going to RT. Tia is doing fairly well. She had a couple of bad days, mainly with heavy panting caused by the steroid, and I cut back on the meds and she seems to be more comfortable. Yesterday DH gave her a bath outside. She hates baths, but she was filthy. She acted like her old self. These days she has less energy, but she's still doing good. So I'm crossing my fingers she'll be okay through next week and planning to attend RT.

I really want to attend RT because a lot of members of my RWA chapter will be there. It's the first time in years a convention has been held within driving distance for us, so many are driving up. Plus I am looking forward to connecting with old friends and readers and booksellers. I have magnets, pens and bookmarks to give away and I'm getting copies of partial ARC's to give out as well.

Unfortunately, Volusia county and Brevard *(where i used to live) is having a horrific time with fires right now. I-95 travel is nearly impossible because of the smoke, and 1,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. We have friends in Melbourne who live close to the interstate and I hope they are okay.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fund raiser

I found a new way for charities to raise money. The old-fashioned car wash. Worth a try. Wax on, wax off. ;-)

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Yesterday was a bad Tia day...she was panting heavily, and I started getting worried. Then I read the panting is a side effect of predisone... so I'm monitoring her to see how she does today and may cut the pill in half to see...

It's a gamble. The steroid is making her comfortable, buying her, and us, a little more time, but her appetite is voracious and the panting worries me because I don't know if it's because the cancer has spread to her lungs or what. She's okay now, just resting. Yesterday I had a severe crying jag. Frank was trying to comfort me when Tia jumped up, paws on his lap. She was upset because I was upset. Dogs are so sensitive to feelings. So I calmed down, just for her. It's bringing back all these memories of when mom was dying... I'd run into the other room so she couldn't see how upset I was and get upset herself.

I'm working on edits for THE PANTHER & THE PYRAMID. I forgot how intense and dramatic this book is... and how much the characters have to overcome. I'm actually pleased by the revisions. My editor made suggestions and pointed out stuff that passed me by, and left alone the stuff that I was afraid he would object to. I think he understood how important those "risky" scenes were. This is by far the most intense, emotional book I've ever written.

My editor really likes the book and the characters, which is a good sign. This book is so different from THE SWORD & THE SHEATH, the next Khamsin book. That one is much lighter, and has less emotion and more action. It's interesting comparing the two and I'm glad I'm not pigeonholing myself as a writer, but writing the books to suit the characters, not just writing the books to fill in a formula. Graham in Panther is the most complex, wounded hero I've ever written. He's fiercely protective, yet aloof, very strong and yet very vulnerable. He's a wounded warrior type, dangerous, like a wounded panther.

The edits for the EC book are on the back burner. I have too much right now, between edits for this book, trying to get stuff ready for RT (assuming I'm going) and the day job. I did find a wonderful pet sitter for Tia if I do go to RT. The woman is very sweet, lives nearby and totally understands the emotional roller coaster I'm on right now, not knowing from one day to the next what will happen with my dog. It makes things a little easier.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The fog

I deleted a lot of the posts I made after news about Tia because I got into a severe funk. I'm in a fog lately, and trying to find my way. Actually if I had a Seeing Eye dog and a road map, I still couldn't find my way. Roof is done, yay. We closed on our condo, (long story about the nightmare THAT was and how the title company delayed paying us, jerks!). And Tia is doing okay for now, big yay.

I'm still undecided about attending RT, but making plans to go. If Tia gets worse that week, I won't go. But for now I have a car rented, and I'm hiring a pet sitter to look in on the dogs during the day. Still have no energy to tackle edits for the EC story, but there's no deadline, thank you very much. And edits are coming in this week on Panther, so those have a deadline.

On the lighter side, a 104-year-old woman in Malaysia married a spry 33-year-old guy.

The blushing bride said she hopes the marriage "lasts." (lasts?) It's her 21st marriage, his first. He says he didn't marry her for her money because "she is poor."

No, he must have married her because...

1) She plays great Bingo
2) Senior citizen (double) discounts at McDonald's
3) She's got all this sexual experience. Which reminds me I SHOULD start the edits on the EC werewolf story and my senior citizens werewolf orgy. Don't ask.