Thursday, June 28, 2012

Writing, writing

The next few months will be hectic. The Covert Wolf is being released July 24 in bookstores, and August 1 on Kindle. And  I found out that the next book in my Navy SEAL paranormal series will be released next year.

I have a hard deadline to meet and I'm busy writing that book, which I'm titling The Phantom Wolf.

Incubus Wolf, the next Craving, will be released in September. I just finished copy edits for that novella. Cool cover, huh? It's a very sexy story about a werewolf who has incubus blood, lives in Alaska and is being  tracked by a Fae bounty hunter determined to bring him back to the demon prison he escaped from. But instead of capturing him, she finds herself captured... in his lair...where he is determined to seduce her.

I won't be posting much on this blog in the next couple of weeks as I try to focus on The Phantom Wolf. DH and I are also traveling to Cass, West Virginia to visit the railroad park, which has the largest collection of working Shay locomotives in the United States. We are indulging our love of steam trains, while our house sitter watches over our dogs. The dogs love it when she comes to stay at our house. They think they can get away with things, like sitting on the couch, sleeping on the bed... oh wait.

Been there done that. Heh.

Have a good week, everyone! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cool news!

First, I got my author copies for THE COVERT WOLF, my July 24 release. Woot! I love getting author copies. It's always a thrill, no matter how many books I've written.

Second, THE PANTHER AND THE PYRAMID is FREE on Kindle starting today for the next five days!

You can download it here.

The promotion for free book ends on June 26, so hurry and download your free copy today.

And third, I found out that Harlequin is releasing THE COVERT WOLF as an audio book on Audible! How cool is that.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back from El Salvador

I'm back from El Salvador. It was a very tough trip, working 12-hour days, but rewarding as well. We met many families and cases of extreme need, and I talked with some orphans who had horrific pasts. The stories of these children would break your heart. Two girls I interviewed had been locked in a closet and left naked and alone by their mother when they were only 2 and 3 years old. She'd then go out for the day, not even giving them any food. They were so hungry that they defecated on the floor and then ate their own feces. Oh, and their grandfather? He'd come over to the house once in a while and rape them.

When police found out their case, they brought them to the hospital. The girls were so ill and malnourished that they spent several days in the hospital before going to the orphanage.

Today they are in an orphanage where they are loved and cared for. I just don't understand how a mother can do that to her children. These are the stories that drive me to work hard at my day job by raising money to keep children safe and secure in orphanages so no one can abuse them anymore. And these are the stories that drive me to write fictional romance with happy endings, so I can decompress from the horror of how they suffered.

The photo is taken from the shores of Lake Ilopango, a crater lake formed by an ancient volcano, which is 60% polluted with chemicals from factory runoff, wastewater and other delights. We are doing a water project for the two communities who have to rely on this water for bathing and cooking and sometimes, even drinking. It's odd because it's such a beautiful and peaceful lake on the surface, with such deadly contaminants lurking below.

Now it's back to trying to catch up to stuff at home...I need to return to writing the next book, which I'm titling The Phantom Wolf. DH and our dogs were so happy to see me after all this travel. I think they may have taken my suitcase and are holding it hostage so I can't leave them any time soon.

Friday, June 08, 2012

DO NOT buy my book!

Here's a little secret... if you are thinking about purchasing my Egyptian historical, The Panther and the Pyramid, on Kindle, don't do it. Not yet.

Because starting later this month, it will be... gasp...


That's right. The Panther and the Pyramid will be a free book on Kindle June 22 through June 26. I'm getting ready to leave the country, again, and wanted to give everyone advance warning, as I won't be back until right before the promotion starts.

So if you'd like to read Panther and you have a Kindle, just wait until June 22. And you'll get it for free!

Have a great week, everyone. I'll touch base upon my return from El Salvador.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Back from Honduras

And I got a lot of good ideas for my next Navy SEAL paranormal book. Then I found out my July 24 release, The Covert Wolf, is now available for pre-order on Walmart. Cool! You can check it out here.

Had a very productive trip to Honduras. We visited a lot of cases and met many single moms with kids who barely can scrape together money for food. One mother told me that sometimes she gets so desperate from watching her children cry from hunger, she wants to hang herself.

She said this while glancing at the leaky ceiling of her shack. We gave her food, promised we would not forget about her, and I am hoping, we gave her a reason not to despair.

We also visited an island called Amapala which is in the bay shared by El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Lovely island, but many poor people living there. We stopped for lunch at the bayside fish shack pictured above... crude wood boards as flooring, plastic chairs, and very fresh fish.

Next week I will be in El Salvador for the day job. I haven't been to that country in years, and I'm very much looking forward to the trip.