Thursday, August 26, 2010

To my readers...

This is a difficult post to write. Earlier this month, Dorchester Publishing announced they are transitioning from mass mark paperbacks to ebooks and trade. For reasons of my own, I haven't said anything on this blog regarding this issue, but today a reader expressed alarm when I told her my backlist with Leisure Books is going out of print. Already on Amazon, my first two Egyptian historicals are out of stock. That's it. When the paperbacks are gone, they are gone.

I thought it best to notify you that if you are interested in getting these books in paperback, it's best to do so now. I have seven Egyptian-set historicals published with Dorchester and the reading order is listed on my website.

As an author who has been deeply proud of her historicals published by Leisure Books, it saddens me greatly to see them go out of print. However, times in publishing are changing, and with change, comes sometimes painful and necessary adaptations. If you have any questions regarding my Egyptian-set historicals with Leisure Books, please feel free to contact me at the email address listed on my website. Thank you for all your support and understanding.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

#RWA10, Linda Howard talks about sex

I had to attend Linda Howard's workshop at RWA last week. You see, I've always wanted to listen to Linda Howard talk about intimacy and sex. Because she does it so well.

Writing wise, I mean. Hey, she could be great in other arenas concerning that venture, but I'm interested in how she does it between the sheets... of her books.

So it was with a heaving breath (I was running late and couldn't find the room, which was the biggest challenge for me at RWA last week) that I ended up in her workshop. Settled down into a chair, opened my notebook and fished out my shiny new blue RWA pen to jot notes.

The fabulous Linda started off talking about prehistoric man, apes and sex. Fascinating. Then she mentioned a fact that was biologically interesting.

"The human male has the largest erect penis of all the primates."

So I tweeted this fact.

Now, for me, RWA was the first conference in which I tweeted. I'm interested in social media, and have finally linked my Twitter account to my phone. So texting a Tweet was easy!

Then I sent the tweet and realized, "I have probably just issued an open invitation for porno followers. Or zookeepers. Or both."

Oh dear.

I continued to take notes. Linda's talk is well worth it, if you've never heard her give this workshop before. She goes into the twelve steps of intimacy, the stages of attraction.

But what I liked best about what she said was how she mentioned the emotional bonding that takes place between a man and a woman. And how she gently, but firmly, advised all in the room to treat sex with the respect it deserves.

Thank you Linda for your workshop and for all the great books you write. Your workshop was one reason I'm glad I made it to RWA2010.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

#RWA10 New cover!!

This is the Mills and Boon version of CHRISTMAS WITH A VAMPIRE, my HQN anthology coming out in the UK this November.

It will be released in the United States in December.

Wicked eyes, huh? I love the dark intensity.

I'm still in Orlando, got a late check out so I can relax a little before heading back home. After the RITA and Golden Heart awards, I went to Kimono's to hook up with Piks, Traci Hall, Kathy Love, Heather Graham & Co. again for karaoke.

It was lovely seeing all my peeps like Jennifer Ashley, CL Wilson, Cindy Holby, Renee Ryan, and Nocturne buds like Caridad Pineiro and Pam Palmer, and so many more people my tired brain can't recall right now.

RWA was great, lots of interesting things on the horizon for publishing, will do another blog later on what I learned. It's a fascinating time to be in publishing.