Monday, September 28, 2015

The Mating Challenge and The Mating Season..Werewolves and Wizards!

Aiden's book, The Mating Challenge, is out October 1! It's book 5 in my Werewolves of Montana series. I know this book has taken a long time to be released. Thank you, thank you, all the readers who have been so very patient! Here is an excerpt from The Mating Challenge. Warning: This book contains lots of hot sex.

The Mating Challenge 
copyright 2015 Bonnie Vanak

Nikita watched as the doors closed behind them. “I can’t believe you won.”

“Try not to sound so enthused.”

“I’d try harder, but I’m not a terrific actress.”

Aiden stepped close, enjoying her rich scent of spring flowers, vanilla innocence and musk. Taking a long curl in hand, he wrapped it around his finger, forcing her to step closer. Close enough for him to see the desire and alarm swirling in her eyes.

“I bet I can coax a little enthusiasm from you when we’re alone.”

She looked around the crowded room. “We’re far from alone now, so you can stop thinking about sex.”

“Sweetheart, when you’re in the same room with me, all I can think about is sex.”

He enjoyed the flush tinting her cheeks, knowing his words, and her own arousal, caused the coloring.

Hot, sweaty sex, those long legs wrapped about his hips as he pumped hard and fast into her soft, wet heat. Her scent wound around him, making his blood run thick and hot. He’d take her upstairs, make slow, gentle love to her the first time, then tutor her in passion and f**k her hard and fast. 

Keep her in bed until she conceived.

Aiden needed an heir.

But he needed Nikita more. Couldn’t get the woman out of his system, hard as he’d tried. Aiden studied his future mate. He longed to nuzzle the sweet slope of her neck, trailing tiny, biting kisses down to her breasts. Mark her with each exquisite nip, culling little cries of pleasure from her plump, tender lips.

And then, the ultimate triumph, spread her legs open and taste her…

“I’m the winner, pixie. Get used to the idea.”

“Pixie! I’m no fairy!”

“You keep dashing in and out of here like one. Can’t fool me. But now you’re staying put. I’m your mate. You can’t deny me what I’ve wanted from you for all these years. Give in. It’s time to make you mine.”

“The full moon isn’t due until tomorrow.”

He stared at her mouth, making his intent clear. “I have no need to wait for a formal mating.”

“Impatient much?”

“No, I’ve been quite patient,” he murmured, tugging on another curl that had escaped the tight braid. “When I see something I want, I can be patient. Very patient.”

In other book news, in November I will be releasing Lovestruck, a short novella about Xavier, the Crystal Wizard, who makes a guest appearance in The Mating Challenge. This novella is the prequel to Xavier's story. I'm going to be changing up the order of the wizards' stories because I "know" Xavier better right now than Gideon. Gideon needs time to "cook," and this happens sometimes as I am writing other books.

But after Lovestruck comes Tristan's book, The Mating Season! And I am happy to report that book is more than halfway finished! In Tristan's book, Sebastian and Skylar from Temptation make an appearance and you'll get to see what they have been doing. Sebastian and Skylar play a pivotal role in Tristan's book.

 I am hoping to finish The Mating Season next month and have it released January 2015 or sooner. 

Happy reading! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Waiting, new short story

WAITING is a new short story in my Werewolves of Montana series. It is about Aiden and Tristan and if you plan to read The Mating Challenge, which is out October 1, this story will enhance your reading experience. I am offering this story as a free download on the Members Only section of my website. 

Tired of waiting for The Mating Challenge, a fierce competition among male werewolves for the right to mate with Nikita Blakemore, alpha Lupine Aiden Mitchell decides to he will wait no more. He will force her into declaring a date for the Challenge, and he will win, no matter what the cost. Aiden does not realize that the woman he desires is Nikita’s twin sister, Nia. 

The real Nikita wants nothing to do with Aiden, especially since she started experiencing sensual dreams of another man. The dreams are becoming more intense, and so are the feelings she has for the mysterious lover who visits her each night. Little does she know that in shadows the powerful Silver Wizard waits as well. Tristan is determined to claim Nikita for himself and fulfill the prophecy to make her his bride… 

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