Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thank you

A very special thanks to all the readers who have taken a chance on my books this year. You all are wonderful, special people and I could not write without you! And a very special "thanks!" to Jo at glass slipper design for redoing my blog!  Happy Hannukah everyone!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

New release! SEDUCTION, Werewolves of Montana

Desperate to free her family from their evil alpha, curvy werewolf Alexa Grant sells her virginity in a private auction. Alexa has heard nothing good about Jeremiah Jackson Taylor, the ruthless and cold Lupine who purchased her innocence. She’d rather experience passion with J.J., the sexy and handsome cowboy who stole her heart when she worked at Aiden Mitchell’s Montana ranch. 

Alexa doesn’t know J.J. is Jeremiah Jackson Taylor, the mysterious billionaire ranch owner who bought her for one night to rescue her from her pack. Determined to prevent another man from touching Alexa, J.J. will tutor her in the erotic pleasures of lovemaking. But when it becomes clear someone at the ranch knows his secret and is trying to pull them apart, J.J. knows he must step out in trust and tell Alexa the truth, or risk losing her forever…

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas is coming!

And I'm not ready. The tree isn't up, and I'm busy writing. I'm finishing OBSESSION, the next Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini. I really like Raphael, who is tortured and dark and dangerous and very sexy. A true alpha. Jess is his perfect match.

In the meantime in our household, things are as usual. Soon as we drag in the boxes of decorations, our Shih Tzu, Cookie, will dive in, thinking "That's MINE!"

SEDUCTION is being published this week! I'll post the links when they are finalized. Have a good one!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Excerpt from OBSESSION

If all goes well, SEDUCTION will be published this week. Finally! In the meantime, I'm finishing OBSESSION, the next Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini (January 2015).

Here's a preview:
copyright 2014 by Bonnie Vanak

          He parked a lean hip against the tree’s trunk and folded his muscular arms. In his red flannel shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to display tanned forearms, and faded jeans and scuffed Western boots, he looked like an ordinary cowboy. But there was nothing ordinary about this Lupine.
           Curls the color of blackest night spilled down to his collar. His strong jaw was covered by a close-trimmed beard, and the same beard framed a mouth far too sensual for a man. But there was nothing sensual about the sharp, angular features of his face nor the darkness of those brown eyes.
            Those eyes seemed ageless, and ancient pain lurked in their depths.
            Jessica studied the acres of green pasture, the gleaming buildings, and thought about the expensive motor cars parked in the garage. “It must be nice to be wealthy,” she mused.
            “There are worse things than having no money,” he said quietly.
            “Easy to say when you have plenty of it.”
            “I’d trade all the money in the world to regain what I’ve lost.”
            He looked dark and dangerous and yet he had an air of vulnerability.
            “What did you lose?”
            Raphael shook his head. “Another time, little one. Perhaps one night I will share that information.”
            “You don’t believe in sharing during the day?”
            His gaze became hooded. “With you, I would much rather share…things… at night.”
            Jessica felt her entire body flare with heat. Every time he gazed at her with those bedroom eyes, she felt a jolt of sensual awareness.
Her Lupine nature, with all its raging hormones and sexual need, howled for release.
But his seductive gaze wasn’t centered on her face now. He stared at her curls.
“What’s wrong? Never seen a redhead before?”
“Not of that color. I have met some red wolf Lupines, but their coloring is darker.”
Raphael approached her. Before she could squeak a protest, he wrapped a strand of her hair around his index finger. “It is like living flame that does not burn. But do you burn, Jessica? Burn with the desire all our kind possesses?”
   Dry-mouthed, she struggled for a comeback. Think, think! No way could she allow this silver-tongued devil wolf best her.
   “Right now I burn with a tremendous desire.” Jessica tugged her hair away from his loose grasp. “A desire for you to stop touching me.”

He arched a brow. “That is not touching you, little one. When I touch you, you will know it, and be unable to resist.”

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Covers!

Here are the covers for the trilogy of "Mating Minis" from my Werewolves of Montana series. These "minis" are about three werewolves who graduated from college and now are trying to find their way in life. Alexa, Jessica and Molly bonded during their stay at the University of Florida when they were mocked by Skins for being chubby. Their theme song is "Sexy Bitch," and any time the Skins made fun of them, they sang it, knowing they could tear the Skins apart with fangs and claws. 

In these stories, you will find out more about the world of the Werewolves of Montana, get insight into Nikita and Aiden's scorching sexual chemistry, and meet the other wizards who comprise the Brehon, the council that rules over Others. 

In addition, to Tristan, the Silver Wizard, who rules over Wyldings such as Lupine werewolves and other shapeshifters, and Gideon, the Crimson Wizard, who rules over Glythen like Fae, Fairies and Sprites, you'll meet...

Xavier, the Crystal Wizard, rules over Earthers such as Trolls, Ogres and Gnomes.

Cadeyrn, the Shadow Wizard rules over Mages, psychic humans (Skins) and darker creatures who have lost their way (zombies).

SEDUCTION, December 2014
When he first met Alexa at Aiden Mitchell's ranch, J.J. knew he must have her as his mate.  Desperate to be free of her evil alpha, Alexa auctions off her virginity to mysterious billionaire Jeremiah Jackson Taylor, not realizing he is J.J., the sexy cowboy she adores. The sexual chemistry between J.J. and Alexa is strong, but what will Alexa do when she finds out J.J. is really Jeremiah, the arrogant alpha who purchased her virginity? As she awaits the day when she must go to Jeremiah's bed, Alexa discovers someone doesn't want her at J.J.'s ranch and will do anything to torment her...

OBSESSION, release date January 2015. This is the story of Jessica, Alexa's friend, and Raphael, J.J.'s beta. Out of all three of the friends, Jessica is the most rebellious and reckless. She is a fiery, but lonely redhead who longs to find her real family. She catches Raphael's interest in SEDUCTION. In OBSESSION, when Jessica receives a mysterious gift of a belt with crystals, and a note from a brother she didn't know she had, she sets out to find him. Little does she know that the dark, handsome and very sexy Raphael also wants to find him, for reasons other than a happy family reunion...

Followed by PASSION, release date February 2015. Molly was first introduced in The Mating Intent. She has a crush on Jake, a sexy Lupine park ranger in Florida, who was once part of Aiden Mitchell's pack. Haunted by the tragic death of the Lupine he'd wanted to make his mate, Jake left Aiden's pack and now lives as a lone wolf. He longs for Molly, who is to mate with a rival pack's heir, and will do anything to protect her. Molly and Jake must work together to defeat a scorching blackness that is ruining the park, and threatening to kill everything it touches.

If you're into Pinterest, you can follow me and see the boards where I lay out the storylines, and you can get glimpses into my Werewolves of Montana world. Click here to access my Pinterest boards. 

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If you celebrate, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll post more updates as news becomes available. Happy reading! 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Future releases in my Werewolves of Montana series

I'm working on copyedits for SEDUCTION, the first Mating Mini in my Werewolves of Montana series. And I'm also hard at work on writing OBSESSION, the next Mating Mini. Next week I'll start PASSION, the third Mating Mini.

All three of these stories give you a better insight into the dynamics of the world of the Werewolves of Montana.

Soon as I have the covers for all three books, I will post them. My plan is to release them about a month apart. That way you won't have to wait. I know many readers have been impatient for the next book, and thank you for waiting!

And speaking of waiting, that is the title of the FREE short story I have on my website that features Tristan, the Silver Wizard (this is NOT his book, just a short story about him). I have been working with my webmaster to make the files for Kindle, NOOK, and iPad and Kobo all easy to download and she did it!

I will be sending out a newsletter in the next two weeks with the passcode you need to access these stories, which is on the Members Only page. So if you have not yet subscribed to my newsletter, please click here to sign up. 

I only send out newsletters when I have information about new releases and important updates.

In other news, I hope to have Aiden's story, The Mating Challenge, available the first half of 2015. This will be a much longer story. When you read "Waiting," you will get a glimpse of the conflict that lies ahead for Aiden and Nikita, and the complications as well with Tristan. 

Happy reading! 

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Ellora's Cave, what month is this???

This is our beloved Shih Tzu, Holly. Holly has breast cancer (yes, dogs can get breast cancer). She's been going through chemo. Each session is around $500-$700, depending on bloodwork, so I am counting my royalty checks because that is how we are paying for her treatments.

I work a full-time job that pays the ordinary bills, like the mortgage, the electricity, etc. And we are spending the book income on Holly. She was found abandoned in a cow pasture in S. Florida right before Christmas. So we took her into our home, called her Holly for Christmas and proceeded to try to make her life as comfortable as possible and give her as much care as we could.

Yes, we spoil our dogs. We have a soft spot for animals and children. We don't have children of our own, but we have three rescue dogs (including Holly) and they are our fur babies.

Today I received in the mail my check from Ellora's Cave for Blair Valentine books. It was late. And then I noticed something very odd. So I took pictures with my cell phone.

Today is November 4, 2014.

The check is dated September 30, 2014.

The Ellora's Cave check was mailed October 31, 2014.

The royalty STATEMENT is for books sold June 2014.


What is going on?

My Ellora's Cave check won't even purchase a cup of coffee and a tasty ham and cheese savory square from Starbucks. ($8.70). Blair isn't selling any books through Ellora's Cave. She hasn't sold much this year. But this kind of accounting, where checks for books sold in JUNE were mailed in late OCTOBER but the check was cut in SEPTEMBER makes me wonder....