Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hurricane watch & Tropical Storm Alpha


Alpha is out there, due to hit Haiti in the next couple of days. The first Greek-named hurricane. I hope he's a wussy Alpha male who's really a Beta. Haiti always has mudslides in ANY tropical storm.

In the meantime, down here in not-so-sunny Florida, my area is under a hurricane watch. Wonderful. Wilma is supposed to hit the west coast tomorrow night/Monday a.m. and we're supposed to get winds just as high, a cat. 2, maybe, on the east coast. The house is shuttered, so is the condo, and I have provisions.

Already we had five inches of rain last night. Some areas down here got flooded.

Is it over yet? Do you know how bizarre it is to shutter up and prepare for a hurricane when down the street, the neighbors have dancing pumpkins on their lawn?


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Mary Stella said...

We who live in South Florida join you in mutual disgust over yet another storm.

I hear that T.S. Alpha will be swept up northeast without making landfall on the U.S.

Must be those steering currents they keep yapping about.