Friday, March 13, 2015

Sale! Lower book price

Hi everyone, I'm lowering the price on both Amazon and iBooks for The Mating Seduction. This is the third book in my Werewolves of Montana series. 

Lexie Walters knows she’s in big trouble. Caught trying to steal her champion horse from the sexy werewolf cowboy who purchased the mare, she’s offered a devil’s bargain. Jackson Palmer will let her ride Diamond in an upcoming barrel race if Lexie spends seven nights in his bed. Desperate to win the rodeo prize money that can save her pack’s ranch, Lexie agrees. But there’s no way she’ll become his mate, no matter how much Jackson ’s touch arouses her.

Ever since Lexie left for college Jackson Palmer has waited to capture the curvy Lupine werewolf’s heart. Now she’s back in his life and he’s determined to claim her. Only Lexie can tame his wild wolf side. If Jackson doesn’t find a mate in two weeks, he’ll get kicked out of the Mitchell pack.

Lexie will do everything to resist Jackson ’s seductive charms. But she doesn’t realize there’s a far more serious threat than losing her virginity to this powerful and determined Lupine. Someone wants to prevent her from racing, only this someone will not stop until she’s off the rodeo circuit for good…

Only $1.99 now on iBooks and Amazon!

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 Also, if you want the complete Werewolves of Montana boxed set that includes  The Mating Chase, The Mating Heat, The Mating Hunt, The Mating Seduction, The Mating Rite, and The Mating Intent, it's available!

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And a reminder about my new Mating Mini series, set within the Werewolves of Montana world. The books are in order:

Seduction (available now!)

Obsession (available now!)

Passion (coming soon!)
Redemption (available June 2015)

I'll be posting a cover soon for Aiden's book, The Mating Challenge, which I hope to release this summer. Happy reading!