Thursday, February 01, 2007

I must be crazy...

How am I going to write three books this year, work nearly FT, travel for the day job and have a life?

I forgot how exhausting field work is. Even a trip like this to Jamaica, where I'm not in the car for 4 hours straight, is wearing me out. I got back to the hotel today and headed for the shower to wash away the dirt and grime and dust and all I can hear in my head is the chant, "Three books to write!" Like some kind of tormenting gremlin invading my mind.

I actually did a little writing on the Nocturne book in the field while we were waiting on a local pastor to arrive and take us to a woman's burnt out house. He was 15 minutes late and I wrote while we were waiting. That's all, folks. I've been too exhausted to do much more than go out to dinner with everyone at night and discuss the day and then come back and fall into bed.

Three books to write and this job. How can I do it?? and my March book out soon. I can't even think about that book now... if DH were here, he'd be reminding me, "Remember when you were happy to have ONE book published?"

Ok, I get the message, dear, yes I love you honey, lol. I AM grateful for all these books to write. I just wish I could clone myself so I had more time to sleep and write. I go from being Bonnie the writer in the field writing about poverty to Bonnie the author writing about werewolves fighting off shapeshifters attacking them. It's very strange...

Speaking of people who are grateful, met this woman today whose house burnt down and her philosophy is "God will provide." She lost everything. Her elderly mother also lost all the cash the son had saved up to get his mother an operation. This house is nothing more than an old chicken coop. A good kick will send it toppling. It's infested with rats. But she has nowhere else to live, so there she lives with her little kids. She works hard but it's not enough to build a new house. Yet she kept telling me, "God will show me the way."

The faith of people who live like this always amazes and humbles me...

Jamaica poverty

Quick post... heading out in a minute to the country.

Went out into the country yesterday to do housing stories. Got a couple of good cases. On the way stopped at a couple of schools. We're involved in a cool project that's a matching fund project to put flush toilets into basic and primary schools in Jamaica. Most still have pit latrines. I wonder what kids in the US would think of using a stinky pit latrine.

Photo is one of Jamaica schoolkids on recess playing games.