Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Excerpt from Demon Wolf

Hi everyone. I've been busy working on the next Nocturne, the third book in my Navy SEALs mini series. Demon Wolf is scheduled for release in May.  Here's a sample from that book. Hope you enjoy!

Demon Wolf by Bonnie Vanak
copyright 2013 by Bonnie Vanak

Ladies night at the paranormal Dive Bar.
            Once a month, Tom dropped the magick shield blinding humans to the bar’s presence. He announced two for one drinks and the human women streamed inside as if he’d offered marriage proposals to millionaires.
            The custom was for regulars, who liked human women warming their beds once in a while. Tom’s bar was a short distance from Little Creek, home to Seal Team 21’s elite Phoenix Force in Virginia. When in town, the secret force of paranormal SEALs crowded the seats.
            Lt. Commander Dale “Curt” Curtis, commanding officer of Seal Team 21, ignored the chatter around him. He sipped his beer, waited for his burger.
            Scar tissue pulled and stretched uncomfortably, reminding him of a body no woman wanted to see naked.  While in the hospital, his sometime girlfriend had visited.  Marianne had taken one look at the blood and bandages and left.
No Mage female wanted him. No human, either, even if she didn’t sense he was a powerful Primary Elemental Mage who could fry her to ashes with a single flick of his finger.
Dale knew he was better off alone.
            “You ok, Commander?”
            Tom always called him by his title. Sign of respect.  Dale nodded. It had been the ultimate bitch of a day, back at work only ten days after two long months of mandatory medical leave. Paperwork piled to his nose, submerged in long meetings, most of his team deployed to dispatch a last minute threat overseas. Only Ensign Grant “Sully” Sullivan remained at base. Chief Petty Officer Sam “Shay” Shaymore was in North Carolina, training in close quarters combat with SEAL ‘norms, human Navy SEALS. He’d taken his new wife with him.
            Dale relaxed into a smile as he thought of the much younger Shay. Last month the SEAL married his girlfriend. Dale had proudly escorted the fatherless Kelly down the aisle. A wedding he’d never forget, glad to see the two Mages declare their love in a lifelong bond. Those two had rescued him from the dark, dank basement where he had only memories of pain and blood.
            And the scent of a woman… he could never forget.
            Across the bar, Sully flirted with a pretty, slightly tipsy blonde. The woman rested her hand on the SEAL’s arm, giving him a suggestive look. Someone was getting something something tonight.
            Dale hoped Sully remembered to glove before love. A half-human bastard faced a lot of hardship in the real world.
            Children. Setting down his beer, he closed his eyes. One regret he’d had in his 11 year marriage. Kathy hadn’t wanted any. The Mage had used one excuse after another and finally, she just left, but not before admitting she’d been sleeping in another man’s bed.
            You’re a good man, Dale. But you’re never around, not when I really need you.
Deep inside, he still craved a home life, a wife, and a family. But what woman would want him now, his body looking like a road map to hell?
            Someday, maybe, he’d find someone else. But first, he’d find the demon wolf responsible for scarring his body and when he did, that shapeshifter would pay. Such evil must be eradicated before innocents got hurt. Dale would do so gladly, sending the SOB straight to hell.
            Suddenly he felt someone watching him. Very carefully.
            Dale felt eyes upon him, but scanning the bar, saw nothing unusual. Yet his Mage instincts prickled. Someone covertly studied him, sizing him up.
            Tom slid a steaming burger, fries piled high, before him. “Here you go, Commander. My treat.”
            “Thanks Tom,” Dale said, surprised.
            “No, thank you, sir. If not for you… “ Emotion shadowed the man’s face. “What you did to free those kids, sacrificing yourself to those demons and that hellhound wolf, hell, we’re all grateful to you. I’ve got five kids and the thought of them enduring what you did…”
The cougar shifter’s spine stiffened.  “I’m proud to call you a friend. You’re more than a  SEAL. You’re a damn fine officer and gentleman.”
            Holy hellfire, the man actually saluted him. Uncomfortable with the praise, Dale nodded. “No thanks necessary.”
            A few of the bar’s regulars studied him like a moth pinned to a cork board.  Damn, all he wanted was a burger, not this scrutiny. Dale began to eat.
            The brunette next to him spoke. “Come here often?”
            Once in a while, against the ladies room wall, pushing deep and hard, a woman’s long legs wrapped around his thrusting hips. 
            She gave a sultry smile, red lips moist and pursed. The tight blue dress clung to a body that had caught quite a few glances from the bar’s male occupants.
            “You’re a SEAL.”
            Wonderful. Human Frog Hog. He swallowed a bite, shrugged.
            “My second cousin’s best friend is a Navy SEAL.” Now she slid over, her long, red nails on his forearm. “I adore you guys. I can’t thank you enough for what you do for our country, to keep us safe. You’re so brave and strong, and I’d love to demonstrate my appreciation.”
            Hollow words, spoken by a woman who just wanted to screw a SEAL. Maybe one time he’d accept her offer, follow her home and show her the alternative meaning of Hoo Yah. Not tonight. Tonight he felt every single one of his 420 years.
            The woman’s nose wrinkled as she studied his right arm.  Dale automatically shifted to hide the jagged gash. “That’s a nasty scar. Did you get it in combat?”
            No, I got it, and a rash of others, when I was tied up in a basement and tortured by a wolf’s claws. Care to know more?
            Appetite turned to dust, Dale slid his plate back. “Thanks Tom.”
            Clear disappointment showed on the woman’s face as he pushed back his stool. She turned to her right, engaged a member of ST 21’s support staff, the vampire enthralled with the woman’s long neck.
            Nice night for a quick bite, he thought in sour amusement. Like every human here, she would recall only a pleasurable buzz the next day, assume it was alcohol induced.
As he went to leave, a familiar scent hit him. Not the floral perfume of the human women, nor the heavy cologne of the males pursuing them. Something deeper, richer, more fragrant.
            It reminded him of crushed autumn leaves, the burning richness of smoke on a hearth, the musky scent of pure … sex.
            Dale whipped his head up, a memory pinging.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New release... The Mating Hunt!

The Mating Hunt is now available on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords and All Romance ebooks!

Welcome to the sensual world of the Lupine, where the burning drive to mate claims all...

Arianna Sanders doesn’t remember everything that happened to her when she was 12. All she knows is a savage monster left her terrified of sex and a freak among Lupines, werewolves known for their sensual nature. Her guardian is the only male she trusts, the one she secretly desires. Arianna longs to overcome her fear and make love with the sexy, mysterious shifter. But Kyle Morgan harbors a dark secret, one that if Arianna knew, would send her screaming into the night.

The fiercely protective Kyle hungers for the voluptuous Arianna, who’s been teased for her generous backside. He thinks she’s perfect and dreams about consummating the passion smoldering between them. When Arianna makes a lethal mistake and is told she must mate before the full moon or face execution by the powerful Silver Wizard, Kyle knows the time has come. He must tame the savage, sexual beast inside him before he can claim the woman he’s vowed to protect from all harm.

But a greater threat emerges when Kyle and Arianna find three missing Lupine children stolen by humans. Vowing to protect the children with their lives, they must band together to fight a growing evil that threatens the entire Lupine population, an evil that will reignite Arianna’s old terrors…

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