Monday, October 24, 2005

5:19 a.m. Wilma now 125 mph, dog snores

Wilma has GAINED strength and is now 125 mph. Forecaster Ed, the geeky guy with glasses from the National Hurricane Center, says all of South Florida should expect Cat. 2 winds in the next six hours.


Barometer continues to fall. Now 29.7. Winds are picking up as we are now getting Wilma's very outer edges. Tia the dog is snoring on her pillow in the bedroom.

I got two more hours sleep. Yay! Maybe I can try for two more?

I am tense, and getting a bit scared. Riding out a hurricane alone is not fun, but this one is going to be bad. I've never been through a storm with winds this high.

I think I'll lose power in about another two hours. If I'm lucky, not before then.

Hopefully, power is all I'll lose.

I wish Cindy and her husband had left the Keys.

I wish my friends in West Palm had left their house near the water.

I wish a lot of things right now.

Like being in New Mexico, scrubbing toilets.

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