Monday, October 24, 2005

6:45 a.m. power out

and here I thought I'd have power for a few hours longer. HA! It went out at 6 a.m. I think FPL shut it off. They do that, DH informed me, transformers start popping.

Winds have increased. Rain started. Barometer still falling. Now 29.5.

Yesterday it was 30.1.

The lowest in the past two years I've seen it was with Hurricane Frances last year. It went down to 29.3. I think it will drop lower than that.

Tia and Tiger, the doggies, are now with me in the living room. They're spooked.

And I have to award Dr. Steve Lyons of the Weather Channel my personal "Gee thanks" award. Just before the power went off, I heard him talk about the high winds we're going to get here and he said there will be bad damage, trees down. He advised, "If you're in a house with trees outside, get into a room where the trees won't fall on the house."

Ha ha ha! We have two very large trees in the back. THREE very large ones in the front.

There is, really, no place in the house I can go and feel safe.

I hope DH is holding out okay and the hospital still has power. He's the electrician, so his job is pretty important in the storm for the back up generators. During Frances, he had to go OUTSIDE at the height of the storm to hook up the spare generator.

I hate hurricanes. Did I mention that already?

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