Sunday, October 23, 2005

Barometer dropping & spooked dogs

Hurricane warning. Wilma will be here by morning. the barometer I have that I set out on the kitchen counter for all hurricanes (six of them since last year) is dropping. Was 30.1 this a.m. Now it's 29.8. Not good. Tried to take dogs out for a walk, they would not go. They're spooked.

Finally we got Tia out on the leash and looked up at the clouds approaching. very eerie.. wind from the southwest, clouds circling in that direction. Yup, hurricane coming.

I'm trying not to get depressed or anxious, but it's tough. DH has to work. They are sending him in at 3 a.m. Hopefully the rough weather will not be here by then. So again, I'm riding out another hurricane alone.

I'm trying to teach the nasty-mouthed parrot, who is now in the living room instead of the patio (see birdie fly in hurricane. fly birdie, fly!) to say, "Wilma, go away." he just stares at me and mutters, "Duh."

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