Monday, October 24, 2005

2:30 a.m. QVC sheets, wind gusts

Dh just left for work. He's supposed to drive 40 minutes south to the hospital, where he will be all day. Hurricane Wilma is now a cat. 3 as I had thought, with winds of 115 mph. It's heading for Naples and the worst side will be slamming into my area about 9 a.m. or so. The winds are very breezy right now. Almost delightful. The kind of wind you like sipping margueritas on a lounge chair in the Keys.

I let the dogs outside just now, their fur ruffling in the increasing breeze. Barometer continues to drop, joy to the world. We're supposed to (in the eyes of the grim forecaster at Channel 7) get hurricane force SUSTAINED winds and gusts over 100 mph over here in Broward.


I need to sleep, but I can't. I need to quit watching television. I'm sick of watching the weather forecasters predict doom and gloom. There's nothing more I can do to protect myself, just pray the trees in the front and the back hold out and don't crash. Or large branches fall down. We've never had a "real" hurricane here with sustained winds.

so instead of watching the weather, I'm watching QVC. They're having a special on very pretty patterned sheets. I wonder if it would be too weird to call them up, order some. "Hello QVC? I'm calling from a hurricane. But I had to have those sheets. Even if my house falls apart around me, hey, at least my bed will be pretty."

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