Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Save $1 on Cobra & the Concubine

I noticed suddenly, that the price of The Cobra & the Concubine, my 3rd historical, went up to $6.99 on Amazon and other sites. Yikes. However, Barnes and Noble still has copies for $5.99, the original price. Here's the link to order it.

Now, a word about New Orleans. My husband himself told me he's gotten the impression New Orleans is devastated, everything is shut down, and nothing works (got it from the media).

NOT true. The French Quarter, where most tourists go, is thriving!

Most restaurants, including Brennan's, are open. Bourbon Street is loud, noisy and crazy as ever. The only evidence I saw of hurricane damage in the Quarter were two street lamps and the building that we all saw on TV that had crumbled. The rest? Working fine.

My advice is if you're looking for great food, a place for real atmosphere and life, go to New Orleans. It's SAFE. Police are everywhere...on horses, on foot, in cars. I walked the Quarter by myself, feeling very safe.

Heather's conference was wonderful. I had a chance to meet people from Bent Pages, among them Molly Bolden. Molly is a very funny lady with a very dry sense of humor, and I met others as well, including Bonnie and James Moore, Tammy. There are authors I met and got to know better who are totally classy and friendly. Christine Feehan (of course), Heather Graham, Kathy Love, Erin McCarthy, Cherry Adair (wild and wacky) and Deborah LeBlanc. A conference like this is a great chance to mingle, and get the benefit of others' knowledge. Christine shared marketing ideas during a down moment at the booksigning. Cherry had an impromptu business plan meeting for anyone interested after one of the panels.

The session with Kate Duffy was very low key and informative. Kate talked about paranormals and how having a different idea for a vampire book can make you stand out in the crowd. Yes, the market is glutted and you MUST have a different spin on a vamp to sell.

She also mentioned something very interesting. Author attitudes. People who put on appearances and it’s all about them, not the book. If it’s a good book, of course, that’s the most important thing… she usually doesn’t know what the author is like until after the contract is signed. But there are some authors who make it all about them, not the book, and prove difficult.

Kate also mentioned about going to author websites and blogs, and yes, editors DO that. She was amazed at how much information someone will put out there that can damage someone’s career. Like talking about their advance, how their book is late, posting rejection letters, etc.

It amazes me as well as to how some don’t care, or don’t realize… if you put it out there on the internet, it will get read, somewhere, and if you’re saying negative things about an editor, house or agent, they will find out.

Today I took off from work to get caught up and write. Ah yes, the glamorous life of a romance author. What have I done? Got up this a.m. and BOTH dogs had diarrhea so I spent the morning cleaning the carpets. Then I rushed Tiger to the eye vet, as he has a corneal ulcer that developed, poor baby was in pain. Then I did laundry and unpacked.

Now I'm going to write. I hope.

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