Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I want to go!!!!! EGYPT

Oh wow, I'm itching to go. TRAVEL specials sent to me via email. Let's see. Egypt and the pyramids or... paying a new homeowner's insurance policy... that will cover some of the damage (but not all) if we get slammed by another hurricane.

Egypt and the pyramids or insurance. Egypt!!! Egypt!!! Egypt!!!

Sigh... homeowner's insurance. Oh well. SOME day I WILL go!!! I will see the land where my Khamsin warriors roam, riding over the barren sands with their horses, fierce, proud, protecting their women and their people. And Fatima, my favorite heroine (coming this MARCH!!!) who rides with them, and proves herself as a warrior AND a woman when Tarik takes her into his arms for a wild, wanton night of passion (did I mention the papaya sex scene?).

One day. One day. I WILL GO TO EGYPT!!!

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