Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Romance titles (mine) that will never make it

Didn’t write last night, must make it for it tonight. Last night I did a chat with the lovely ladies at writerspace. My friend Jennifer Ashley was there as well. Jennifer has an historical out in December, a sequel to Penelope & Prince Charming. It’s called The Mad, Bad Duke.

I LOVE this title.

Titles are key to a book. I’m writing a paranormal and I NEED a decent working title. So I did stream of consciousness thinking about the book, the characters, plot, to arrive at title ideas. The book is a very sexy werewolf romance. I associated werewolves, fur, you name it. This is what I dreamed up for possible titles.

A werewolf in heat
Hairy armpits
Full Moon Moxie
His Bad Thang
His Big Bad Thang
The Penis from Venus (don’t ask where that came from, thinking of a manly love part and the goddess of love, my mind is scary)
Forever Stubble
This is NOT another vampire book
Howl baby howl
Moonlight magic
Meat eater magic (Is this a story about a meat packing plant?)
Only Fur You (omg, I’d better stop now! Someone stop me!)
Leash me (dog walking?)
I’d crawl on all fours for you, baby (Bad C&W tune)
My Loins are on fire and only you can put them out (REALLY bad C&W tune)
One Hairy Night (WTF?)
Collar Me (S&M book? No, this isn’t an EC book)
The werewolf wore Armani (it’s NOT a comedy!)

Maybe I’d better concentrate on thinking about the heroine.

I can kick your ass, even though you’re great in bed (Too abrasive and too long)
Don’t go Changing on me
Hold me, thrill me, kill me with passion (gahhhhhh)
Magic kiss (lame, lame, lame)
His big, bad hairy bal.. *(forget it, time to move on to something ELSE)

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Toni Lea Andrews said...

Aaaargh--this looks like part of the two-page list I put together when my editor rejected title after title for MERCY KILLING, which I thought was terrific (Hey, her name is Mercy and she kills someone. Duh!) but my editor thought sounded like a medical thriller. I started out by hitting all the major themes in the book and then consulting my friend Thea. (You know her, right Bonnie? Thea Soris?) Anyway, the editorial staff finally decided on BEG FOR MERCY which I can live with.