Saturday, September 09, 2006


Last night wrote 6 pages. Six! Yeah baby! I wrote even as we were on the couch watching a movie. The pages are still rough, but I wrote them. I kept remembering what Heather Graham said in last weekend's workshop, about how she wrote with a baby in one arm. Life doesn't stop because you are writing, and in my case, I must learn to write with distractions.

Very odd dreams last night. Like I said, I'm paying more attention to my dreams. This one was telling. I was sitting outside in my Florida room, just looking around. The wind was rattling a shade that was pulled down (my Florida room doesn't have shades) and I was musing over all the hurricane warnings from last year, and how many times we had to board up the house. And I yearned to do something totally different with the yard and the house. Suddenly I started crying. Just sobbing for no reason. And I realized what it was. Post-hurricane stress. All the stress last year of preparing for hurricanes nearly almost every other week!, shuttering the house, buying supplies, the anticipatory, slight fear that turned into very real fear when the tree crashed onto our roof...

I think when you have a disaster in your life, the aftershocks still rattle you months later. I'm sure the victims of Hurricane Katrina, even if they rebuilt, are still dealing with the damage to their psyche. Maybe like me, it's something that affects them mainly in their dreams.

It's still very much in my mind because DH and I are determined to redo the back yard, since we lost those two big trees back there. We want to put down pavers and make that section into a party area, where I can have another hammock and we can have tables and chairs near the hot tub. The backyard is the last scar from Hurricane Wilma's damage.

We will redo our back yard. We will. And when we do, and the tree roots are finally gone and our yard resembles a nice place to sit and reflect, instead of a junkyard storage space, we'll have a party. A big one, to celebrate life in Florida and the hell with the damn hurricanes.

Of course we'll check the Weather Channel first to make sure one isn't heading our way the night of the party...

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Jennifer Ashley said...

Hope your back yard works out and gets no more wind. We don't have hurricanes here, but we have "microbursts" which are like mini-tornadoes--wind gusts of up to 100 mph coming out of nowhere and disappearing as quickly. One minute, you have a lovely mesquite tree, the next, half of it is in shreds. Very weird.

Thanks also for posting your thoughts from Heather Graham's conference. It sounds like it was great. Kate Duffy's comments were good--of course re her remark that some authors make it all about them and not the stories, I think "do I do that? Eek, hope not." And yes--be careful what you post on your blog. I've been amazed at what some writers post--diatribes against readers and publishers--what are they thinking???!!!

I so need some creative inspiration about now, so my DH is out renting Harry Potter. That and Dr. Who should just do it... :-)

And Bonnie, Congrats on the release of Panther and the Pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!