Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Life is hectic as usual. Poor Tiger has a corneal ulcer and is miserable. Tia is doing okay but confused as to why Tiger is wearing a satellite dish on his head.

I thought about the business plan Cherry Adair put together for her writing career, the one she shared with us in an impromptu session after a panel. Cherry is a warm, witty author who, like many at last weekend's conference, is generous with sharing what she learned. It boils down to how many pages a day you must write to achieve your goal. Yesterday I took the whole day off and spent it doing everything from rushing back and forth to the vet, to laundry, to cleaning the carpets, you name it. I did write about 5 pages. Not bad, but I mean I had the ENTIRE day to write. Life gets in the way. You just have to make the most of it.

Being flexible is important, but so is being determined to achieve your goals. Even if I can write only half a page today, I will do it. I'll post what I accomplished tomorrow. One thing that can really throw a writer off track is listening to what others tell her she should do instead of listening to herself. Allowing others to influence the writing to the point where they kill the muse, beating it to death with criticism or even well-meaning advice.

Getting some very nice feedback on THE PANTHER & THE PYRAMID. Have to catch up on responses. Dial-up is like watching paint dry. I want my DSL line back!

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