Thursday, September 07, 2006

Teddy bears for children in Iraq

Writing achievement last night: Two pages. Not too bad. I did edit, however, so that counts as well. My friend Jennifer Ashley (check out the cover to her upcoming The Mad, Bad Duke) has a great blog post on career time wasters for writers. If you’re published or not, check it out.

I don’t get political on this blog. I will not give my personal views of the war in Iraq. However, I will say this publicly. I do support the soldiers and I do support efforts to brighten the lives of children, the most innocent war victims. So that’s why I donated two stuffed animals to The Romance Zone. Jai lives overseas and has organized an effort to give teddy bears to hospitalized children in Iraq.

I had found only one Teddy, then a stuffed puppy. I wasn’t sure if they wanted only Teddy Bears, but I sent both anyway to Jai a couple of months ago. This is the note she sent me yesterday.

"There was a young boy about 10 to 12 who was being wheeled out of the hospital after his foot was bandaged up. He had been hit by schrapnal from a mortar. He had been badly injured but his foot was saved.

My hubby stopped the wheel chair and went to "the box" . He pulled out that little stuffed puppy you sent. The kid just looked at it and his mother let out a gasp and put her hand over her heart.

The child reached for it then and a huge smile spread over his face. The mom said something to the translator.

Seems her son's pet of many years passed on. It had been very sick recently. The boy hadn't smiled since and had been very depressed. Seems the little dog you were worried about sending not only healed the son's heart but brought joy to a mother. Thank-you for your support. It really meant a lot. "

If you wish to send a teddy bear to Iraq and make a child’s life brighter, visit this link to donate a bear. You just might put a smile on the face of a sad child.

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