Sunday, August 28, 2005


Katrina is a cat. 5 and heading for the Gulf coast. 160 mph.

Predictable, with the warm waters stirring it up. But absolutely freaking scary. I saw what happened to Dade county after Andrew. Flattened like a pancake. Nothing left, no trees, roofs ripped off. A bunch of us went down there to help out afterward and it was like someone dumped a bomb on the region. But this is worse. Katrina is a bigger storm and the rain it will dump... the flooding... people south of me are still bailing out from when Katrina hit us. And if it hits New Orleans... o.m.g. Those poor people. I hope and pray they can all get out... or at least can reach higher ground. I love New Orleans. What a city. Hot and mellow jazz, the smooth, cool slide of a hurricane down your throat, terrific food...

Will all that just be memories?

On a brighter note, things are settling back to "normal" whatever that is, around my house. FIL is back home, power is back. Friends have their power back as well (they hooked up the generator to the icemaker and fridge, two essentials. Food and ice for drinks) Tiger has resumed hiding in his usual spot by the couch instead of stalking me around. And I finished a proposal for my agent and mailed it off yesterday. Just wanted to get something accomplished this weekend other than picking up debris and taking down shutters.

One week from Tuesday, I'll be in Haiti. Never thought I'd think visiting a volatile country where they kidnap and kill people as no big deal. That's what hurricanes do to you... even a cat. 1.

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