Tuesday, August 30, 2005

55 dead, Jesus survives Katrina

news reports... 55 dead, 50 at an apartment complex in Mississippi. Levee broke in NO, flooding downtown (shit shit shit!!!). And a bit of interesting news, the statue of Jesus on Jackson Square survived being hit by two massive oak trees outside St. Louis Cathedral. Fence came down, the trees broke off only the thumb and forefinger of his outstretched hand. Wow.

All this and I find myself with a bit of survivor's guilt. I have power, house, family, dogs, everything. And my job. Don't forget all those whose homes were wiped out are probably now unemployed as well, since businesses were destroyed. Why did Katrina, the hurricane that was supposed to hit my city and swerved left at the last minute, miss me? There are people in Dade and south Broward without power and with flooded homes. People dead on the Gulf Coast. Why was I so lucky?

As for the devastation...it's horrific. People won't even be able to get back to their homes for weeks b/c of flooding. Checked Alison Kent's blog and author Larissa Ione, her CP, is okay but house damaged, flooded. Alison and others will be doing something to help out in the near future.

In the meantime, haven't heard anything from my friend in Mobile, AL. She stayed. I'm sure she's without power, maybe even phone. Down here after Katrina, some couldn't even call out on her cell phone. I'm sure she's okay and so is her family...

Still, I'm worried.

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