Saturday, August 27, 2005


Last night, I dreamed of meeting Jesus.

It was a powerful dream. I looked out this back door and saw a beautiful meadow, shorn emerald grass, and wildflowers and trees and brush in the distance. I was drawn to walk across it. I said to myself, "This is a dream, but I'm going to follow it." I got to the edge and suddenly a small dirt path appeared. I knew I had to walk it.

I walked upon it and then it suddenly split into two. The lower half had families walking along it, and the upper path was fairly deserted. I took the upper path. I came upon a few teenagers at this waystation, reading religious material. I knew that wasn't for me. I knew where I was going.

I was walking to heaven to meet Jesus. So I kept walking and I came to another waystation, like a picnic table. There were some kids playing there with plastic toys. And a bearded guy in a robe and cloak. I knew it was Jesus. I didn't ask. I didn't grovel or start gushing. I just said Hi, as if we were old friends. And we started talking.

I didn't want to treat him any different in heaven than I treated him on earth, because when you're friends with someone, why change the relationship just because the setting is different? I was respectful, following his lead. But I didn't gush.

I forget what we talked about. I did ask him something. I told him the bible passage about the parable he told of the workers getting paid equally whether they started work at 5 p.m. or dawn bugged me. Because I said it seemed unfair. He just smiled. Then I asked him if, since I was dreaming this, if heaven was just what everyone imagined it to be in their own minds. I love wildflowers and meadows. I told him, "I mean, is all this just an illusion and is heaven filled with a bunch of old naked people walking about? Because that would gross me out, seeing a bunch of old naked people."

He laughed. He told me no, it was really what I saw.

Some parts are a blur, but I do remember showing him one of my loves - steam engines. There was an old guy there wearing a train engineer's cap. He talked about locomotives and stuff and then we were going to ride the train, but I told Jesus we needed the old guy to operate the engine. Because I love steam locomotives, but I don't know how to operate them. So we went for a train ride and we pretended we were in a wild west movie, chasing after bandits. It was fun.

And then at one point, because I had the feeling I wasn't supposed to stay there, it was just a visit, I asked the Lord why I was there. And he told me that he had been very depressed about what was happening in the world today and his dad sent me up there for a visit to cheer him up and entertain him.

And that's when I woke up. And I felt pretty depressed myself. Things must be pretty rotten in the world today if I'm the one chosen to cheer Jesus up.


Mary Stella said...

Then again, how cool that someone up there knew you were exactly the person for the job! Who else would take Jesus for a ride on a train AND pretend to be in the Wild West while doing so.

I love this dream!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Hey Mary Stella, glad to see you made it okay through the storm!