Thursday, January 11, 2007

Reviews, writing, and my new toy

Whew. FIL is okay, test went fine, and he's home now after spending the night with us. I can now attempt to write. I'm home from the day job, as we are moving our offices and they gave us two days off while the moving company attempts to deal with the mass chaos.

I think moving our company is like herding cats.

I'll miss the old building in a way... so many memories there, good and bad. The new offices are only a little further away. Change is good for the soul, I keep telling myself.

I have a new toy that should make life easier. I bought a wireless air card for my laptop. I have internet on the go now, and I'm blogging from the Florida room. The new Cingular air cards have internal antennas, so no risk in breakage like the old ones. Now I can bring my laptop anywhere and not have to worry about hitting T-Mobile hotspots.

Only wrote one page so far this week. It's okay, I figure I will play catchup today. There's a crucial scene I need to rewrite and it will give the hero a chance to show his growing feelings for Maggie, as well as his tenderness and his concern.

Got my first review for The Sword & the Sheath from Historical Romance Writers. 9 out of 10, across the board, for general, history and sensuality. Yay! Lettetia wrote, "THE SWORD & THE SHEATH is passionate, richly detailed, action packed and fun, all rolled into one. Tarik and Fatima are antagonists that just won’t give an inch; neither wanting to reveal their feelings and give the opponent an advantage. They are well matched; the sparks leap off the pages whenever they are together. The author makes the Egyptian sands come alive on the pages in a way few can; allowing this reader to step back in time on a grand adventure. I highly recommend this book, and will gift several friends with a copy. Bravo!"

I'm glad she liked the book. Tarik and Fatima are two of my favorite characters. This book is less intense than Panther, my last Egyptian historical, and has more adventure in it. And more love scenes, too. :-)

Okay, must get back to work now. On my days off, I write. Saturday I have to work at the day job and there's a chapter meeting of my RWA group, and DH and I... may be visiting a Shih Tzu we might adopt. Maybe. We'll see.

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Jen said...

Never heard of a wireless air card, but I'm not "up" on all the tech stuff. Sounds handy, though. If I actually took my laptop anywhere, I might want one of those.

Great review! I hope you become successful enough that you don't need that day job one day!

Hope the Shih Tzu works out!