Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mean people

I forgot to add... Rainey has a bald spot atop her head. A small one, but it's very marked. Dr. G examined it and said it looks like in the past someone tied a bow too tightly to her head when she was groomed, and all the fur was yanked out.

I bet she was one of those long haired Shih Tzu's who had her fur tied in a bow, and when her owner fell ill, the fur got terribly matted and Rainey's bow came off, along with her fur. Or maybe someone was just cruel and did her fur too tight in those silly bows. How terribly painful for the poor baby! I do know they had to shave her when she first came to Shih Tzu Rescue because she was such a matted mess.

I don't understand they could be so cruel to animals.

Even if it wasn't done deliberately... I like Shih Tzu's because they are loving dogs. Not to dress them up for the Dog Show. Sheesh. The first time our groomer did that, and she's a great groomer!!! I looked at our dogs and sighed and took the bows off.

She's a fast learner. She's stubborn, but knows "inside" and "outside" already... when we go to let her outside. She follows Tiger. I think she's having trouble seeing as she walks/bumps into the sliding glass doors. She's patient when Frank does her ears, as he did again tonight but still hates having her face touched. I think she had huge grooming issues with a bad groomer.

But today when I came home she bounded toward me, tail wagging furiously. Maybe because she sees me as the Lunch Wagon. I don't know. I don't care.

I'm just glad we're able to give her a good home, with lots of TLC that every dog deserves.


Jen said...

I'll be honest...I think the bows are cute. But aside from warmth, I don't "cute" as a reason to dress up a pet. Most pets don't like it; it's just because the owners like it. And worse are the people who dye their pets' fur, especially silly colors like pink or blue! *Rolls eyes* Or get unnecessary cosmetic surgery! Why put them through that?

I saw some videos passed on MySpace, which I forwarded, too, of soldiers in Iraq torturing dogs. I only watched one, actually. They were throwing rocks at a crippled dog, who was obviously in pain. They were laughing because it was running away from them on two feet, one saying it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen. At the end of the video, one asked if they should go kill the dog. I love our soldiers, but the ones who do crap like this disgust me, and make Americans look bad. There was a previous video going around of soldiers teasing kids with a bottle of water. The kids were chasing the truck the soldiers were on, and they ran for about a mile before the soldiers tossed the bottle at them. I often feel overwhelmed at the cruelty in this world, wishing I could stop it all.

I hope Rainey's eye problems can be fixed. Her fur may have been matted and poorly groomed before, but she looks beautiful now!

Angela James said...

Jen's comment thoroughly depressed me because I hate to hear of people being deliberatly cruel to anyone and that's just...sick.

Bonnie, I've never owned a Shih Tzu and I'm not a dog owner, so I have to ask, are the bows in the hair a bad thing? Or is it just doing them too tight or leaving them in for extended periods?

Btw, Rainey is adorable. All your pictures and stories of how wonderful they are these past months of all your furbabies have made me think I'd love to have a small dog. When I don't have a toddler anymore ;)

Bonnie Vanak said...

Jen, that's horrible about those videos! But as far as the bows go, Shih Tzus are fine with them, except if the owner doesn't take care of the dog and the fur gets so matted it gets pulled out, as hers was. As for Rainey looking good, all the thanks goes to Shih Tzu Rescue of S. Florida. They took very very good care of her!

Angela, thanks for your compliment about Rainey! Dogs make great pets, especially Shih Tzus. I think it's a great idea to wait until Brianna is older. Small dogs and small kids don't mix well sometimes, because kids are kids and dogs, sometimes if irked enough, can bite. That's why the rescue center didn't want to adopt Rainey out to a family with small children. After this week and discovering the various surprises, like how she snaps when you try to pry open her mouth, I know they're right.

Ok, going to try to get back to work now. The week from hell has climaxed with breaking my Ipod and then losing all the writing I've done over the past two days when the flash drive went bad. Oh well.

Mary Stella said...

Even before Moe developed vision problems, he grew to be very careful of the sliding glass door. Years ago, one too many times, he forgot it was there and banged full force into the glass, when he intended to launch himself into the living room after his toy. Now, no matter what, he waits for me to open the door and tell him it's okay. I prefer this behavior because A) he doesn't hurt himself and B) he doesn't bust through the screen if I have that slider pulled. Besides, it's good doggy manners to wait for your person, don't you think? Sounds like all of you and Rainey are adjusting to each other!

Jen said...

Sorry I depressed you, Angela, but people need to know these things are going on.

Bonnie, that sucks, losing your writing like that. And losing your iPod, too!