Saturday, January 20, 2007

Grooming issues

Nearly one week since we adopted Rainey. This is Rainey in the old bed she had at the Shih Tzu rescue center. She likes sleeping here, but will switch to the carpet or the dog pillow. She's really adjusted to our home and likes walks with Tiger (who escaped his collar this morning, giving me a near heart attack as traffic streams past), food, glorious FOOD (I should rename her Oliver Twist) and lying at my feet. She loves attention. She gets along fine with Tiger, who actually is eating more this week and doesn't seem as depressed as he was.

So getting another dog so soon after Tia's death has been good for him. Not great for the rug! But so far, crossing my fingers, no more accidents on the rug.

She hates having her paws touched. She snapped and tried to bite DH when he examined her paws because she was licking them. Between that and the bald spot on her head where a bow probably was, DH and I came to the conclusion she had a very bad groomer who hurt her in the past. Fortunately, we have a very good groomer.

Today I'm making progress on the Nocturne book. Tearing up parts and rewriting, but it's shaping up nicely. I'm really feeling for Nicolas. I gave him more angst and much more internal conflict and it's working out nicely. Love torturing my heroes. He's very noble and courageous and inside, very lonely. Maggie is turning out to have a gentle strength. It's fun watching the characters evolve.


Jen said...

I'm glad Tiger seems to be doing better. I hope he's warming up to Rainey, especially since she likes to follow him around, LOL!

If Rainey had been a puppy, especially a newborn, who hadn't possibly come from a traumatic experience, I'd suggest rubbing her all over during play, including her paws and toes, to help her learn that it's okay for people to touch her in areas some dogs are sensitive about. Since she's a dog, I'd recommend working towards the paws, but taking plenty of time for her to adjust to touch closer to that area.

I have so much catching up to do. I haven't been on the computer all weekend. We normally go out one or both days, and my sleep hours were backwards before this weekend, so I was really tired by the time we got home, from being up all day. I went to bed shortly after coming home each night.

FerfeLaBat said...

Cute Pupster~! My sister loves that breed. Dave hates'em. Says they are ankle biters. Our Blue Tick Coon Hound is an opninionated, back talking, catfood eating pain in the ass. Cute though.

Cats are better. Just say'n.