Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A mind of their own

I'm trying to think of them as challenges. Today was not a good day.

All these adjustments at work, the day job, and then a huge problem that was solved, but one that sent my blood pressure soaring with frustration... having to do with $$$ and work hours. Then I get a call on voice mail that FIL is in the hospital. One week after his angiogram, he's bleeding.

Ok. Dh is informed, he calls over there... and then a family friend calls me and tells me the bleeding is really bad.

I'm thinking, "gusher." ICU.

I'm chewing my nails, I have a sinus migraine. Finally DH is at hospital, it's not a big problem, they did a procedure, stopped the bleeding and FIL is in the hospital overnight, hopefully. He did too much. Of course. He thinks he can do everything and then he ends up in the hospital because he's supposed to TAKE IT EASY and instead he's doing what he wants.

He's got a mind of his own.


Come home. Rainey and Tiger come up to greet me (DH is still at hospital). They go outside, all is well, DH comes home, I'm making dinner. I feed her because she's really acting very very hungry. Then she's sniffing around like she has to go outside and fearing she'll whiz on the carpet, I let her outside.

She goes outside to the hibiscus bush, snatches a dead blossom off the patio and begins eating it.

I panic.

I pry open her jaws, grab her and she snarls and yips and tries to bite me.

I scream, "FRANK!~"

Run after her, panicking.

why am I panicking?

This from an article about pet poisons: "After ingesting hibiscus, a dog willvomit persistently, may vomit blood and have bloody diarrhea. "The loss of body fluid maybe severe enough to be lethal in some cases."

OH God.

Frank comes out and pries her jaws open, while she's snapping and yipping and trying to bite him, and he gets out the blossom. He shows me what to do in case I'm alone when that happens. Luckily she didn't eat any...

But my nerves are so shot, with this day, I go inside, and I start to cry. I was so scared. I had a feeling hibicus was dangerous, and I was right.

I think we need to cut down that tree. I love that tree because it survived the hurricane, and all the damage to the house, and it was like a symbol of strength.

I was so damn scared. she could have eaten it and died. Then I started thinking about Tia.

I miss Tia.

I miss her so much and I'm still grieving her.

Not that I don't love Rainey... it's just that I miss my Tia. We'll all adjust and I'm just too stressed out today.

It will get better. But wow... I sure hope tomorrow is a better day. I have a very stubborn FIL with a mind of his own in the people hospital, and a stubborn rescue Shih Tzu with a mind of her own who just barely avoided going into a pet hospital.

I need a drink now...


FerfeLaBat said...

Humans can eat Hibiscus. They make a tea of it in Mexico called Hamaica. I've had it. Iguanas eat them. They are not poisonous to anything. Hawwaiians used them to color their lips red.

Do you want some of Dave's Tie-wrap cuffs for you FIL?

Bonnie Vanak said...

They're not toxic to people, but they ARE to dogs. Here's the link to that article I found, plus they are listed on the animal poison control site.


I'd like Tie=wrap cuffs, but only for me. Tie me to a palm tree on a tropical island where there is nothing but naked cute cabanaa boys serving me fruity alcohol drinks with little umbrellas.

Jen said...

Yes, different animals can eat different things, and what's poisonous to one, may not be poisonous to another, and humans and animals differ, too. We have to be careful what we give our bird.

I'm sorry you've had such a hard day, Bonnie. I hope things are better tomorrow.