Sunday, January 28, 2007

A werewolf Alpha

Bonnie hands the microphone over to her evil twin, Blair, so Blair can tell everyone about the great review CAPTIVE MATE received from Just Erotic Romance Reviews. FIVE stars! Thanks Claire Skye for the review!

"As the pack’s Alpha female, Alyssa has a lot of responsibility weighing on her shoulders. Most importantly, she must mate with the Alpha male and produce an heir. The child will usher in a new generation of Alpha warriors who will guard and fight for the pack. But Alyssa wants nothing to do with the Alpha. After ten of the strongest males fight over the privilege of bedding her, it’s Marcus who comes out on top. He’s her bodyguard and the only werewolf she can’t resist. But Alyssa has a secret, and she knows that her secret could contaminate the bloodline and bring ruin to her pack. So she vows to do everything in her power to keep that from happening, even if it means denying Marcus what he wants the most: her. But when Marcus comes home after six years of fighting in the Vampire Wars, he’s determined to claim his mate. And once an Alpha were sets his mind to something, he won’t be denied.

Ms. Valentine’s werewolves are unlike any mythical characters I’ve encountered in a book. They’re strong and sure of themselves, arrogant and supremely skilled in lovemaking and more violent pursuits. But it’s their unique sense of humor and charm that really sets them apart from the rest. Ms. Valentine manages to bring the world in which her werewolves exist to life through vivid detail and precise dialogue that always rings true. And the sex scenes? Oh… my. The sexual heat between Alyssa and Marcus sizzles from the very first page. Their first encounter is scorching, and things only get hotter from there. The more Alyssa tries to resist, the more Marcus turns into a true Alpha hero, one who knows exactly what to do to satisfy his mate. And if that wasn’t enough, an intense werewolf bonding orgy really sets this marvelously smart, sexy novel apart from others of its kind. With Captive Mate, Ms. Valentine has quickly propelled herself to the top of my “must buy” list." CLAIRE SKYE, JERR

You can find CAPTIVE MATE here.

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Toni Lea Andrews said...

I bought it as soon as it came out but haven't read it yet. I had better get with it--the reviews have been great.