Sunday, January 07, 2007

Animal shelters and more Tia photos

Actually got quite a bit of writing accomplished... 12 pages. Felt very productive, had breakfast with a friend, then yesterday DH and I decided to visit the animal rescue shelter to see the puppy we were interested in adopting.

Big mistake.

The puppy was already adopted, and we were shown around... all the cases of animals suffering from neglect, abuse... including one dog they saved from euthanization ... the dog came down with kennel cough. As soon as the dogs contract it, they put them down. it broke my heart. Emotionally, I wasn't ready to see that. Neither was he.

We're still searching for a new dog, but decided to try adopting an older female. As long as the dog has the right personality and gets along with Tiger.

In the meantime, I'm posting Tia pix I've never posted before. It's been a month since she's been gone, and I still miss her, but I'm trying hard to remember the happy times.


Jen said...

Tia was so beautiful! So is Tiger. Thank you for sharing the photos. I like to believe our loved ones (including animals) are always near, even after they pass.

I'm sorry you and Tiger had a bad experience at the pet shelter, and that the puppy you were considering was already adopted. I do hope you find another dog who fits into your family.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks Jen. If the right dog comes along, I know we'll make room for her. In a way, it's better that the puppy was adopted by someone else. I think Tiger is better off with an older dog.