Friday, January 05, 2007

New year, new changes, NO new blogger!

Sorry Blogger. I refuse to switch to the Google version. I have enough changes in my life right now.

Today I booked a trip to Jamaica for later this month... a work trip. Haven't been there in a couple of years and Haiti is still too dangerous. On my monitor at work I have a photo of ____, the girl who once lived in our girls home who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered and then her body dumped in a trash heap, after the ransom was paid. I don't know why I have it hanging there... to remember, I guess. I hear the tide has turned, though... and the people in Haiti are now attacking the kidnappers once they are identified. After the murder of the six-year-old boy and the kidnapping of the kids from the school bus (those kids were set free, thank God!) the people are taking justice into their own hands.

DH and I have decided to adopt a rescue dog. Tiger isn't doing so great. He isn't eating well, and I can tell he's quieter than normal. I think he really misses Tia. So hopefully a new dog will help. I don't know if I'm ready, but... I guess we'll see. Maybe a new dog will be a good distraction.

Next week FIL is having surgery and at the day job, we're moving to a new building. Gulp. I hate moving, and I've been at the same office for 13 years. Lots of memories... I worked there before I got married, when my mom and dad died... then there was the hurricane in 2005. The new building is nice, and not too much further from my home, but it's a huge change. And being a stubborn Taurus, I don't deal well with change.

I'm learning. Slowly.

I'm concentrating on writing Empath, the first book due. Not much progress yet. I'm trying to flesh out a critical scene that comes right before they make love in the cottage. Did a load of laundry as I'm pondering it. Always try to multi-task when not doing actual writing. Saves time.

Next month is our chapter's conference. Florida Romance Writers. Keynote speaker is Sherrilyn Kenyon. I can't wait. I seldom get together with my chapter anymore due to time constraints, and seeing Sherrilyn will be so exciting. She's such a nice person.

Read a book last night because I was too tired to write and was disapointed. The suspense was good enough, the plot well-paced. But I felt that the chemistry between the characters lacked. They didn't mesh. I wasn't convinced they fit together by the book's end. It was a case of the plot overshadowing the romance. But it was a fast read and it felt good just to read. Now...

back to writing. I will. I will.


Jen said...

So many terrible things happen around the world. I don't understand how some people can be so evil. I don't understand the desire to be cruel to innocents, especially when they're directly in your life.

Have a wonderful time in Jamaica. I've never been past the east coast, and only a few states in that. I hope to live in California one day, strange as though that might sound.

I'll keep Tiger in my thoughts. I hope the new dog will bring him and you happiness. Animals are such treasures.

My boyfriend and I are looking for a house, so we'll be doing a move (again) soon ourselves. I look forward to living in a house, but I hate moving, too. Hope your office move goes well.

I just bought all of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series that I didn't have (with the help of my boyfriend), not including the anthologies. I haven't read the series yet, and I don't normally buy so many books in a series at a time, but I've heard how good this series is, so I broke down and got the rest of it, LOL!

I'm doing laundry right now myself. Just ran out of detergent, so the rest of the laundry will have to wait, but what I need most is being done.

I need to stop MySpace-ing and wasting time on the Internet, and do more reading and writing. I just hate to lose "connections," you know? But I need to, if I'm going to be a writer. :)

Bonnie Vanak said...

Good luck with the house hunt, Jen. Hope you both find something you really like, and good luck with the writing as well!