Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Rainey photos

She likes the chairs in our house. She's claimed about three so far. This is her favorite, I think. She's beginning to settle in. Slept through the night Sunday and last night as well. Only a couple of accidents yesterday and it was my fault as I didn't make her go outside but thought, "Let me wait until I take a shower."


Shih Tzu she is, she sneaks off while I'm showering and does it on the carpet. So this morning as DH is getting ready for work at 5:30, I take her outside. She's looking at me in sleepy protest, but I was firm. Then she came back and found the dog pillow and she's sleeping again now. We walked both dogs last night and I think we wore them out.

The advantage of adopting an older dog is they are already trained, and they like to rest, which means you can rest. I think there's just an adjustment period on everyone's part.

She's a real sweetheart, very laid back, and was lying down at my feet last night when I was on the couch. She doesn't get scared at loud noises, even when my clock radio is blaring out rap music to wake me up. Tiger is still scared of her, but I think that will ease up as well. She likes bones, and loves to eat. Last night we had dinner and she was begging, but each time she tried to jump up, I firmly told her, NO, and she sat back down.

She's inquisitive and loves her comfort. Barks when she wants more food, and her favorite place is the kitchen. LOL!

Yesterday was the first day of work in the new building, and I had a new dog. Came home for lunch, spent my lunch hour taking care of her and Tiger, and then had to rush back. The drive is a little longer, which makes a big difference on your lunch hour. But yay! I'm working from home Fridays now, so that will really help.

The new building is gorgeous, but our area for the writers gets the sun all day long and it's so glaring we can't see our screens. I may resort to sunglasses today.


Janet said...

I like to see happy updates! I had not checked your blog in a few days, so all the Rainey posts were a complete surprise!

I'm glad Tiger and his special person will have a new warm friend in the house.


Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks Janet! Tiger is getting used to her and walks on the leash with her very nicely.