Wednesday, November 02, 2005


There's a train car in New Mexico called the O.Y. "O" stands for operational, meaning it doesn't earn money, and "Y" is the letter assigned to it. It's a snowblower, but Dh and I joke that it's the OY car, the car you take on the tracks when things are piled too high.

We need the OY car here in South Florida.

Our power is back on, thank you God! I was ready to lose my mind yesterday. Between worrying about our roof and then losing power... It's a good thing we got it back, too, as right after, DH ran down to our friend's house with the last of our gas to give him for the generator we loaned him. He had maybe 1 gallon left in the generator. Our friend and his wife had to do an emergency rescue of people in a nearby retirement community.

we had four inches of rain yesterday in South Florida. In that retirement community, the ceiling collapsed.

A lot of ceilings collapsed all over. In Palm Beach county, 50,000 homes are structurely unsound and condemned. Those people are homeless.

In our county, 1,000 people are now homeless. They had to literally rush out of their apartments, condos and homes in the pouring rain as it rain into what was left of their homes. Many are elderly. They are confused. They don't know the hell what to do.

So here I am, back with power, feeling grateful, feeling relieved and feeling awful for those who lost everything. I wish I could help, but what the hell can I do? I'm just hanging in there one day at a time myself. Praying our roof will hold and we too, won't have to rush out in the rain with what little we can gather. It's shocking and sad how one day you go from wondering about what you'll cook for Thanksgiving dinner to worrying about if the roof will hold.

Yup, the OY car. We need it here in South Florida. Because all I can do is look around at my house, those who have it much worse than me and say, "Oy. What a freaking mess."


Mary Stella said...

I'm so glad your power's back on. Not to make a bad pun, but having electricity really does leave us feeling empowered. The other stuff is that much easier with which to cope.

Sending you hugs!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks Mary Stella, you're right. And the hugs are most appreciated!