Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where's the brain cells? Gone with the wind.

It's time I admitted something I've been trying not to think about since the hurricane.

I still can't believe how stupid I was...

this is a photo I took of the Florida room a half an hour before the tree fell on it. It was right in the middle of the storm. Winds were whipping and I stepped into the room for a minute to see the action. Took a photo. It's too dark to see how furious the wind was blowing.

This is a photo of our Florida room and what happened a half an hour later. (The photo was taken after the storm)

Had I been standing in the room when the tree fell, I'd have been struck on the head. Maybe killed.

I honestly did not take this storm that seriously. Maybe because Hurricane Frances fooled me last year. A three day nightmare, slow moving hurricane where the winds were blowing, but not so hard. We even opened the windows to let in fresh air after the power went out last year. Hell, we were staying in this room to read because it was so dark in the house!

I hate to admit it but I think I didn't have a brain three weeks ago when Hurricane Wilma hit. I have nightmare visions of being killed by that falling tree, and then seeing the autopsy, just like on CSI, my new fav. TV show. Nick Stokes (what a hottie!) and the doctor are peering into my head.

Nick: What is it, Doc? What are these two objects? Gummy bears?
Doc, shaking his head in sad disbelief: No Nick, they are Bonnie's last two brain cells. I think they were fighting each other the day of the hurricane.
Nick: You mean, when the tree fell on her house and she was standing there in the most vulnerable room of the house, watching the hurricane?
Doc: Yup, I'm afraid the cause of death is... Stupiditus.
Nick, sighing: What a shame. I bet she lost the few good brain cells with the falling barometric pressure. If only she had listened to Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel...

I swear upon whatever malfunctioning brain cells are in my head, that I will Never, Ever, EVER...

Not Take A Hurricane Seriously. Ever Again.

Next time, even if it's barely a Cat. 1, I'm outta here. Dh will STILL have to work at the hospital, leaving me alone again. So I'm taking me, the dogs, the parrot...

And my stupid brain cells.

And getting the hell out of Dodge.


Stacey said...

Nick is my favorite too! Though I do have a soft spot for Grissom. Despite everything, I still hope he and Sara managed to figure things out between them.

Are you a recent CSI convert?

Bonnie Vanak said...

No, not a recent convert, just watching more of it. Science is so exact and these days, I like exact! I always wanted to be a forensic pathologist, but couldn't master the math and science.


Stacey said...

I've always loved Patricia Cornwell's novels, which is what led me to CSI. I completely suck at math and chemistry, so there's no way I could ever be a CSI when I "grow up." But I still love the show. I also like Dr. G, Medical Examiner which is on one of the cable educational channels, like Discovery.

Sometimes, though, knowing stuff I've learned from CSI really messes with my head when I'm watching other shows. I find myself shouting at them to check DNA and/or run the fingerprints through CODIS on shows like The O.C. This also happens to me in writing. I love cozy mysteries and I've written one, but it was a struggle because I kept having to restrain myself from veering into forensic stuff that one) doesn't belong in a cozy and two) I'm sooo not knowledgeable enough to be writing about! : )