Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sexier men?

Are these men sexier than Matt? I think so. Just MHO.

Let's start with Gerard. Mmmm...shirtless!

James Purefoy in a towel... oh yessssssssssss

George Eads from CSI... I modeled Marcus, my werewolf, after him...

Adrian! Who can go wrong with Adrian!

Of course Viggo... in bed... yum!

Oded... dark, sexy, bulging biceps. Always thought he'd make an excellent Jabari in a movie version of THE FALCON & THE DOVE, my first book...

Keanu isn't my type, but from the backside... I could change my mind!

And this guy... wouldn't you like to be a mattress right now? LOL!


1 comment:

Mary Stella said...

One never goes wrong with Adrian, although if he was interested, I might be tempted. *wink* Love Viggo and Oded... except I need Oded with long hair. Other wise I'm transfixed by his abnormally huge earlobes. You're right, Bonnie. He'd be the perfect Jabari!