Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Saving the bar

It's raining.

I'm depressed and scared. I hope the repairs DH did to the roof will hold and the two-foot hole is okay and won't leak. And there's what's left of the florida room... the roof on that tore off from the house roof and rain will pour inside what's left of the room...

The bar is still in there. I forgot to get it out.

It's a solid wood bar, one his dad gave us. Been in his family for years. I just moved it out of the direct hole in the roof so rain won't drip on it, but when water starts pouring into the florida room, the bottom will get wet and rot.

Maybe I can get some guys from work to sneak away and save the bar.

There's just so many things to try to think of... and my brain has turned into cottage cheese. Last night the power flickered again. We held our breath. Today it's hot and sticky. We have no a/c. DH won't test run it until he blows the foot of wood chips out of the fan outside. He's afraid if he doesn't, the chips will jam the fan motor and then we're really screwed.

Good luck in finding an a/c repair person now. Nothing much is open. Even the Publix by me still has no power. the dunkin donuts has no power. Very few businesses are open.

I need to save the bar today. Somehow. Someway. I've got to shake off this damn depression. It's not helping.

Still can't get hold of my insurance company. I really do think the agents packed their bags and are living in Argentina.



FerfeLaBat said...

Welcome to the tropics.

Get four cinder blocks and place the bar up on them. Get a tarp and cover the bar with it.

It's going to rain all day. Stores are open. Get moving!

This has been a public service announcement from you friendly hurricane survivalist in the Keys.


Insurance guys are arriving daily. You called in a claim right? You have a claim number? Get your estimates from contractors and have them ready for the adjuster.

Bonnie Vanak said...

I'm back at work, can't get to a store, It's okay, the guys from work moved it into the kitchen.

I like to drink in the kitchen...

Contractors? OMG, let me stop laughing... I saw a roofer drive through the 'hood the day after teh hurricane and he told me he can't even get an estimator to our 'hood for three weeks!

In the meantime, my neighbor across the street still has the contractors renovating the inside of her house. mine is now renovated on the outside, thanks to Wilma, lol.

Maybe I'll sneak over there and kidnap the contractors' power tools. Hold them hostage in return for roof repairs. The ransom note can read like this:



FerfeLaBat said...

When was the last time you had work done on your house? Call THAT contractor and get them to refer you. Networking. You're a published author. You know how it's done.

Or, ask the contractor who is working at your neighbors house to refer someone to do an estimate.

Or, call the builder if you are in a new subdivision. Do you belong to a homeowners association? Pool together to get a contractor out for everyone in the association.

It's time to get resourceful.

Do any of the FRW members have contacts?

Who built the Florida Room? That was an add-on, right? Ace Hardware does contract work like that. Home Depot does contract work like that. Lowes does contract work like that.

Citizens is the insurance Co that's going to cover it, yes? You need to get a claim number processed. Call them! They send adjusters out in order of claims.

It may look hopeless, but it's not. I swear.

And. You've saved the truly important thing in the house. The bar. All else can be fixed.