Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A love story

She had been breathlessly awaiting his arrival all day. When he walked through the door, she launched herself at him like a skyrocket.

"Whoa there," he said, laughing. "Don't worry. I won't back out."

"You'd better not," she said, smiling and so happy to see him. Her heart raced madly. Oh, he looked so good, she just couldn't believe he was hers. All for the next hour. She grabbed his hand.

"Back here," she ordered. "We've no time to waste."

She led him to the right spot. Breath caught in her lungs as he bent over, the tight clasp of his low riding jeans squeezing him like a bum squeezing a dollar.

"Right here?" he asked gently. "Do you want me to do it now?"

"Oh, yes, yes, yes!" she screamed. "Do me now! DO IT, DO IT!"

Her screams of esctasy filled the air. She didn't care if the neighbors heard. As he removed his enormous hammer, she gloried in the sight of its thick, long shaft.

Far too long she had been denied. Far too long she had waited, heard stories of his tremendous prowess as he satisfied all the desperate housewives in the neighborhood. Now, at last, it was her turn. As he began to pound his tool, she shook with unbridled joy, feeling something she had not felt in ages.

Utter satisfaction.

For at last... the roofer... had come.


FerfeLaBat said...

You are one sick and twisted pupster. Yes, you are.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thank you!!!

Hey, there's magic in 'dem words...guess who called back today who is showing up on Sat. to give me an estimate on roof repairs?

A roofer.

I hope he has a really big hammer... hee hee!


Shiloh Walker said...

oh't quite expecting that...snicker, thanks for the laugh

Bonnie Vanak said...

any time shiloh!