Sunday, November 06, 2005

LOOK MA!!! I'm Uncle Fester!!!

I figured there had to be a "bright" side to this electrocution thingie.

I went to the garage, found a 60W light bulb and stuck it into my mouth just like Uncle Fester in THE ADAMS FAMILY.

WOW! I light up like a Christmas tree at Rockefellera Center in NY CITYA!!!

I figure there is gold in dem lights.

I'm gonna rent myself out as a walking, talking eletrical appliance for those still without power. Like my FIL.

He has NO power. So I figure, $5 an hour as a living light appliance. Hey, I'll be cheap. $25 for the whole damn night. Just stick a 60 watt bulb in my mouth, and I'll shine da light on your home all night. Stand there like a living light pole. Just like Unca Fester.

Forget FPL. Forget Kansas City linemen or the rugged, cute, Texas boys we saw last night at da restaurant, eating beef, slugging down beer and being cheered by the rest of the diners for their hard work.

You, the powerless and the forgotten, now have MOI! Bonnie, da light extraordinaire! Fired up by a shocking jolt of 220 W, she now can power a measly, but still working, 60 watt bulb to light up your life.

'course I will NOT see what happens if you try to plug into my "other" end.

God only knows what kind of electrical shock DH is due for...

hee hee hee!

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