Tuesday, January 25, 2005

San Pedro Sula

In Honduras. Today was a good, but heartbreaking day. It began with a visit to the hospital and the baby we were going to see had just died this morning of starvation. Sigh... We also visited a halfway house for orphaned and abandoned children. There was a family of six adorable kids, the youngest was only 6 months, and the mother was too poor to keep them. She loves her kids, but knew they were better off there. So shes working to try to get them back. I have hope we can get her a house, if we can, she ll probably have her children returned to her. Every time she visits them and leaves, the kids all cry for her.

Then they brought in a five day old baby. A little girl, just abandoned at the hospital by her mother. Today is Woman´s Day in Honduras and the caretaker cried out, "It´s a gift because of Woman´s Day." They love the children there and take excellent care of them.

Then we visited El Garbage Dumpo. Met a man and his children who were digging through the trash for food for tonight. They showed us their haul, fruit others had thrown away and expired porridge mix. The father had a very good job at the factory but was laid off in December. They gave him a fat severance check. On his way to the bank, his friends set him up and stole all the money. So now he is reduced to digging through the trash for food. But he has this optimistic, deeply faithful attitude that life will improve and God will provide Amazing. I am always amazed by the depth of the faith I find in the most desperate of cases.

This was one of the busiest garbage dumps I have seen. People and children everywhere. As soon as the garbage trucks pulled up and dumped their load, they swarmed all over it like bees, digging through it. Some children found a huge bag of potato chips and launched into them, munching like mad. Seeing children eating garbage, it does something to your guts. As many times as I have seen it, it never fails to tear me in half. So there was my day. A dead baby this morning and ending up with kids eating rotting garbage. Sigh...

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