Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Woo hoo!

Cool news. I made the final rounds in the FF&P’s On the Far Side contest in the paranormal erotic category. This was my wacky, warped fairy tale comedy, The Cinderella Rebellion. I’m shocked, because I had entered to get feedback from the judges. Never expected to final. It’s one of the few contests where I can enter an unpublished work because I’m not published in that category.

I do like this story. My first erotica! It’s about Cinderella escaping from her fairy tale into the real world and the king of IsBn, who rules over all fiction, trying to coax her back. There’s lots of references to romance. When the alarm bells ring, telling Daryl, the king that something is amiss in the world of fiction, he glances at the romance monitors and muses, “Did Nora Roberts fail to make the NY Times list?”

Still plugging along on Rashid’s story. Added some touches of humor to lighten it up, but I’m determined to write this book as his character dictates. That’s why I’m thrilled Cinderella made it to the finals. I’m trying to expand my writing. Write something dramatic and dark, and then write something funny and light. Allowing myself the freedom to explore Rashid’s reclusive personality and Jillian’s determination to draw him out.

Now if I could only sleep. Insomnia all this week. Three hours of sleep last night. Dog kept snoring.

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